Friday, August 5, 2016

The Special Needs Blogger Weekend Link-up: The time is now!

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  1. Item 7 is a collection of videos of people with disabilities who spoke at the U.S. party conventions in July.

    1. Andrew:


      I also enjoyed your shopping tips and piece.

      The part about how it is easier not to do things and it doesn't matter whether they are liked or needed when it comes to physical disability and chronic illness - it lent me a thought.

  2. #17 is Ettina's [from Abnormal Diversity fame] research set from 2012 which is about people from 16-60 years old and how they believe they live independently. They use the Casey Life Survey. Table at the bottom. Factor 1 seems to be the big one - about visual thinking; sensory detail and limited verbal thinking.

    Earlier I posted the beginning of Gavin Bollard's STAY AT HOME adults series. He did this without shame and with concern. It was very provocative when I saw it on LIFE WITH ASPERGERS.

    And the Independence Chick decided for August to educate us. If you are seeing this Disability 101 on Down Syndrome for the first time, be prepared to learn some new things and new people.

  3. This week we've had a very special guest poster...anybody watch GoT?

    1. There's a good article by Benjamin Law which was in this week's GOOD WEEKEND.

      Skipping Game of Thrones doesn't make you cool - Benjamin Law - talks about his love of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER

      I imagine BLaw as a teenager would have dreamed of this opportunity! You might like to watch THE FAMILY LAW which is a very funny comedy about his life and family especially Jenny his Mum and his wonderful sisters and friend who is Deaf and a theatre maven.

  4. Oops... I accidentally linked the same post twice. #24 is the same as #23. I'm sorry about that. I would delete the duplicate if I could, but I don't know how.

    1. Tonia and Liam's story is worth reading twice!

      Mr Linky has a name/cookie removal tool.

      Hope you can try that.


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