Friday, August 12, 2016

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  1. I meant "inferior" when I said "tertiary" and now I can't remove my link! D:

  2. I'm going to quickly comment on #8. Yes hearing loss can come with age and I understand this was one person's experience with being diagnosed and the emotions that come along with it. But having hearing loss doesn't have to make you feel old. Honestly I get tired of people only equating hearing loss to age or listening to loud music. Yes those are causes but there are others that are often ignored because I guess getting diagnosed as a kid doesn't make for a good news story. People always shy away from talking about hearing loss in young man people and I'm sick of it. And that audiologist could have had a much better response than "get hearing aids". A good audiologist would have sat down with the author and shown them the hearing test, explaining which frequencies have hearing loss and to what extent before explaining current hearing aid technology and the options. That's their job. Okay that was not a quick comment but it is what I needed to say as an 18 year old who is hearing impaired

    1. That "man" isn't supposed to be there. Thanks autocorrect


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