Friday, June 10, 2016

The Special Needs Blogger Weekend Link-up: Whatcha got?

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Like this: That viral video about a doll: What I wish people learned 

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  1. Hi Ellen and readers:

    #2 is an English-language piece from the Canadian website "Intellectual Disability around the World/La deficience intellectuelle dans le Monde". It is about India and learning.

    #3 is Hannah Kimli's website on WordPress. She writes about the athletes she might sponsor in the future and the children she might adopt. It's a storytelling/roleplaying exercise by a young woman with VI, LD and ASD. Found it from the Special Olympics World blog.

  2. #5 and #6 are both from Camille de Fleurville.

    The Little Family has some problems at the moment, especially with domestic work which is not being done and held up by the bureaucracy of the current French administration.

    This is a good blog to read if you are part of the wider family of Catholicism. Or the one of literature and high culture.

    Camille de Fleurville writes also on Tumblr and WordPress - the posts may be more accessible to some people on those platforms.

    Les Bonheurs de Sixtine

    Camille de Fleurville on WordPress - it has the added benefit of no country codes as Blogger has done.

    There is also the second issue of the 2016 DISABILITY STUDIES QUARTERLY. So many good articles in it. Kim Nielsen co-edited this one - it's BEING DOING READING. My favourite piece is probably the poem EXPLANATION NOT EXCUSE by Terry.

    Also at the moment I am reading EVERY STAR IS DIFFERENT's Disney vacation series. Renae and Jason had a great time with the four kids. If I posted something here it would be OHANA.

    I worked on some calligraphy and lettering myself at HALFWAY UP RYSY PEAK for an important quote Ralph Nader reminded me of:

    "Without people nothing is possible. Without institutions nothing is enduring."

    Feel free to come up and discuss. The Monnet quote is one we'll have to think about this fortnight.

  3. Hello! This one is about the cost of it all! I enjoy reading the others too, thank you for great content!

  4. Thanks for creating this, Ellen! Have a great weekend.

  5. In my latest post I reflect on lessons learned from my son's gloomy matron as the year comes to a close. Thank you for the opportunity to link up here :)


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