Thursday, January 21, 2016

Her brother's keeper, his brother's keeper

This weekend, Dave texted me a photo of Max and Sabrina in the pool at Animal Kingdom Lodge. It was similar to one that I loved from six years ago when we visited there, Sabrina clutching Max in her arms as they floated together. 

Lately, she's had to be there for him more than usual. At night, if I'm feeding Ben and Max wants to read a book, I ask her to do it with him. If I'm holding Ben and Max needs help opening something, Sabrina steps in. When we walk into the house and I've got Ben in the car seat and our shoes are wet, she'll remove Max's shoes in the foyer after she takes off her own.

I had no idea how the dynamics of having a baby in our house would work out; I figured Sabrina might help with Ben. She does, only as it turns out, she's also helping with Max. 

I try not to ask a lot; I'm very aware of not putting too much responsibility on her small shoulders. But Sabrina's not shy about speaking up when, say, she just doesn't feel like reading with him. I make it a point to have Max help her, too, like if she's reading in the living room and wants a cup of water, I'll ask him to walk it in.

Meanwhile, Max is doing his part with Ben. He is the self-appointed dirty diaper tosser, standing by as Dave or I change Ben. (And, yes, way to sneak in OT!) When Ben cries in the car, Max leans over and repeatedly says, "It's OK, it's OK, it's OK." 

Last night, as Ben lay on the changing table, I had to dash into our bedroom to grab a burp cloth. I asked Max to come over and place two hands on Ben. He's not rolling yet, but you never know.  

I came back a few seconds later to find Ben smiling and gurgling at his big brother.


  1. That last picture is precious. You have 3 wonderful kids.

  2. Your kids are adorable! I have 3 kids and my oldest in 9. She can prepare simple lunches (eggs, boxed mac 'n cheese, sandwiches) for the kids. She can brush her little brother's teeth, give him a bath, read to him, put him to bed. My middle child, age 7, can do some of these things. I think it is wonderful. I never ask them to stay home from an activity or miss out on anything to help out at the house, so I don't think of it as shouldering a responsibility. It is just part of helping out in our family. I also explain that if they help me with the tasks they can do, then it frees me up to do other items which in turn lets us do more fun things. I would not be afraid to let the kids help and I think it is great that you are including Max in the helping to the extent he is able. Great job Mom!

  3. That photo is worth a million words! You can tell those brothers already have a very special connection that will last a lifetime.

  4. And Ben helps by being cute. It's a philos triad.

  5. Wonderful post! I love the picture of them in the pool, both then and now! It is such an amazing visualization of how much she loves him and he loves her! And, the last picture of your little guy smiling up at his big brother is adorable! I love those special connections between babies and older siblings!

    1. Awww, I love that you have those two very similar photos! Keep taking pics of that ! Very sweet with Ben & Max.

  6. The love. So much love!!! You are blessed. :)


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