Friday, July 17, 2015

The Special Needs Blogger Weekend Link-up: Post now!

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Like this: She wants to make sure the baby is healthy

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  1. Thanks Ellen. Dexter's at #14 this week. This post is about having words to say... but being non-verbal, and how that makes things a bit trickier. Happy weekend. :)

  2. Hi, Ellen. Hoping to strengthen us all for "battle" as we walk into those awkward family exchanges this weekend. Have a good one!

  3. As always, thanks for this community-building opportunity!

  4. My essay today is from The Manifest-Station: "I wake in the night with a suffocating sense of my own mortality, thinking, 'I can’t be sick. Mothers of special needs children have to live forever.'"

    Thanks as always, Ellen, for doing this! Have a great weekend.

  5. I'm at #25 with an open letter concerning 2e students.

  6. #22 I'm Julia's Mom - this is my response to a silly article posted by an online magazine about how young, hip moms are killing it at motherhood - I thought special needs moms needed to be recognized as well! :)
    Thank you Ellen!

  7. Hi, I've linkedup at number 40. So happy to have discovered this linky, and excited to discover some new blogs from parents of children with special needs. Thank you for running it

  8. Thanks for the chance to share: I've linked up a post about the need for a variety of caring role models (no 16).

  9. It excites me to no end to be linking up this week after meeting you today! :)

    1. Emily, meeting you was one of the highlights of BlogHer for me!

  10. My first link didn't work right! Sorry. I wrote a letter to Nike explaining what we love about their new shoes..


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