Monday, July 6, 2015

And I think to myself what a wonderful world

One of the hazards of getting older—disease, death and wrinkles aside—is neglecting to savor the wonders in this world. The long weekend reminded me of that.

It started when Sabrina and I headed down a path to the beach and we came upon a ladybug convention. At least that's what it looked like; there were clusters of them everywhere. We stared in amazement for a while. "They're a kind of beetle!" Sabrina told me. I had no idea; this is the sort of thing that escapes you when you grow up in Brooklyn.

And then, the beach—perhaps one of the greatest reminders of the forces out there bigger than we are. For once, I actually got to sit and do nothing but stare at the waves coming in. I know, soon enough I will be busy entertaining a baby so I'd better enjoy it while I can.

And then, Fourth of July, a day packed full of wonders. First up: a town ice-cream eating contest. Sabrina eats way too politely, as it turns out.

I'm grateful that the kids still get gleeful about so many things. They're one of my best conduits to wonder, along with reading, traveling and meeting new people. I adored Sabrina's saucer-eyed appreciation of the baking contest. We didn't contribute, but she was no less enthusiastic than last year when we made a flag cake with strawberries and blueberries. Instead, we participated by standing poised with a plastic forks (we BYO'd) and making a mad dash for the sweet-laden table once the winners were announced and tasting was allowed. Blueberry cake! Snickerdoodles! Cream puffs, the eighth wonder of the world!

Afterward we settled down in our sugar coma to enjoy the dog show. I remain confident in our decision to have a baby instead of getting a dog, although I'm not sure Max felt the same.

And then at night, fireworks, which tend to instill awe in even the most jaded of adults. Max is very interested in fireworks but still fearful of the noise. Usually, Dave or I take Sabrina to see them and one of us stays home with Max but this year we all decided to have a pajama party. We hung out in bed and watched New York City's fireworks on TV.  Suddenly, we realized we could pretty much see our town's fireworks through a window.

We stood together, happily. And really, there is nothing more wondrous than being surrounded by your family and enjoying life in vivid color.


  1. What a lovely long weekend. I don't like fireworks either and have no interest in seeing them. You cant see any from my house but you sure can hear them and sparklers since they are now legal in my county, the guy across the street sets some off almost every day and not even when its dark out.

  2. I ate a lot of red velvet cake and chocolate cake and washed it down with sugary soda. I like pyrotechnics.

  3. I watched the Boston fireworks on TV and hung out during the weekend


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