Monday, February 23, 2015

Sometimes, my kids like each other

My kids fight, like most any siblings do. It sometimes surprises people who, for some reason, think Max's disabilities would get in the way of annoying his sister, staking his territory, swiping her stuff or just bugging her for the sake of bugging her. Or that Sabrina would show him any mercy because of his special needs—as if.

But when they're affectionate with each other, it makes me happy like few things do in this world. For one, it's a reminder that they actually can and do adore each other, sibling rivalry and "Ewww, Max, you smell!" comments aside. For another, Sabrina is the one who'll be there for Max when Dave and I are gone, and it's heartening to see her loving on him.

I never know when or why some major show of sweetness will happen. The other night, out of the blue, Max asked if Sabrina would snuggle with him. So she crawled into bed next to him. I went out of the room to get water and when I came back, they were both giggling away. Then I gave them "tennis kisses" (lobbing my head back and forth between their cheeks) and they thought that was hysterical. Then Max wanted Sabrina to stay and sleep there.

She winked at me, code for, "I'll be here till he falls asleep." Max generally dozes off before she does. So I turned out the lights and there was more giggling. A few minutes later, I heard Max snoring lightly and Sabrina tip-toed out.

Last night, Max was headed to bed and Sabrina was waiting for me and Dave to tuck her in. Max walked into her room, gave her a big kiss and said, "Good night!"

And that's when it dawned on me: As the years pass, Max is going to be there for Sabrina, too.


  1. Beautiful photo, beautiful children. Your header with Max is fantastic.

  2. This might be my favorite post ever!!!!

  3. That picture! MELT!!!

  4. That heart just exploded!

  5. Love is a 2 way street. One person doesnt give all and one doesnt take all. It's a give and take. Sabrina and Max figured it out.


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