Monday, December 31, 2012

The Love That Max Year In Review 2012

In January, Max learned to love skiing; I shared The Stuff Special Needs Moms Say; and we all got outraged about a hospital's initial decision to deny a child with special needs a kidney transplant.

In February, I asked people to see the ability, not the disability and couldn't resist joining in the What I Do meme.

In March, Max wrote his own name; I told people what I'd like them to say to my child with special needs and once again asked them to not use that awful word.

In April, Max became a barfly, a teen with Down syndrome was crowned prom king, and the girl with Down syndrome who'd become a cruel web joke was found.

In May, Max rocked his spring concert and I cried from happiness at the IEP.

In June, Max hit a backyard home run and bowled like a champ; I told the world that my child with special needs is not a burden to society and created Special Needs Moms: The Reality Show.

In July, Max asked the best question in the whole wide worldgot very brave and starred in his own backseat version of Call Me Maybe; I debuted 50 Shades of Grey: Special Needs Mom Edition.

In August, we celebrated The American Cheese Milestone and a slideshow of our kids.

In September, Max walked up stairs by himself for the first time and I explained why people shouldn't pity kids with cerebral palsy.

In October, Max got his dream job; I asked people to smile at a special needs mom and outed people who cling to the word retard.

In November, Max debuted scrambled eggs therapy; readers shared their favorite toys for kids with special needs and also raised $3000 to help a mom hit by Sandy.

In December, I celebrated ten years of Max and hoped for more than happiness for him.

I hope 2013 is a celebratory year for you and your kids, too.

What are you celebrating from this past year?

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  1. I'm celebrating a lot in Mattyland right now. We just got a call that his very first gait trainer funded at 100% when we were told that we were going to lose secondary insurance coverage. A couple of days later we got approval for a secondary insurance through our state. I cannot tell you enough how relieved and excited we were--especially since Matt needs new hearing aids and our primary doesn't cover them or speech therapy. Big party that day in our house!

    I hope that you and your family have a great a very happy new year.

  2. Happy new year ellen ps I might b going to New York in 2013

  3. I had two concerts this year. I play the flute. I have a speaking career with 6th graders and they love me!

  4. HUGE accomplishments. I can feel you smiling from here. ALL THIS Progress, how I wish we could all know what was around the corner, as we lay in the dark at 3 a.m., our hearts pounding over the future.
    Go Beautiful Max! Go beautiful Max's Mom!

    1. You have always been such a major Max cheerleader. I am sending you all sorts of good 2013 vibes!

  5. Happy New Year! Can't wait to see what happens next in 2013!

  6. This past year has been pretty good on this end, too. Lots of small victories and family togetherness! Here's to an even better next year for us all!

  7. We celebrated the fact that 2.5 year old BabyMax WALKED... then he walked unassisted !!! (take that Drs), that he learned to sign a few words and even undress himself, and on the night before Christmas he started trying to feed himself.
    We hope 2013 will bring us verbal language...


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