Sunday, September 9, 2012

More stuff I wrote this week about our kids (and a leetle request)

I wrote this post over at Babble about why I consider my job as Max's mom The Most Important Job I'll Ever Have, in response to a writer's claim that motherhood is not the most important job. You can read it here and weigh in.

The Paralympics just ended; we watched recaps but, sadly, we couldn't watch it live. I have an idea why NBC only committed to 5 hours of taped program, and wrote about it at Speak your mind there, and let NBC know how you feel!

Last: I KNOW you guys have great suggestions for toys that help kids with special needs, because I've gotten a good bunch of recommendations for the toy guide I'm putting together with Parents magazine. But I'd love to share as many as I can. So please, I know how busy, busy, busy we all are, but it will only take about 5 minutes to fill out this survey.

Fill it out and I will name my next child after you!

OK, maybe not as we still can't even commit to ONE more child, but I would be seriously grateful, as will other kids who will benefit from your ideas.


  1. Motherhood is a VERY important job. I am not a mother (and wont be 1 for at least 10 years) nor do i have complex special needs but i do have my challenges especially when i was younger and i have no idea where i would be without my mother and her ongoing love and support.

  2. US coverage of the Paralympics was insufficient, to use a nice phrase. Lots to read at sites like, (which has some good disability issue coverage generally),


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