Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Press Here: a supercool app giveaway

The kids have been seeing spots lately. Lots and lots of spots. I'm not worried—actually, I'm thrilled. It's because I got an app to review, Press Here, and Max and Sabrina are fascinated by all the cool and creative spotty stuff it does.
The app is based on the bestselling book Press Here, by HervĂ© Tullet, that's all about using your imagination. Kids pretend that the dots they're pressing, shaking and blowing move around. Of course, the dots actually do move in the app, though the concepts remain simple and imagination-sparking.

I like that the 15 games are not winning-driven—kids can explore, draw and just have fun with blinking, winking, multiplying and colliding dots. They help with hand-eye coordination and encourage pointing, a Good Thing if your kid has fine-motor control issues (or a fondness for iPhone apps so strong, she rolls out of bed and starts playing).

Max is mesmerized, despite the fact that there are no purple dots (still his only favorite color). He particularly enjoyed Studio (drawing with dots that bop around); Sabrina is all about Music Box (where you "compose" your own song by pressing various dots). "You can do whatever you want!" she says of the app. "There's so much stuff to do, it's not just one game." Press Here recently got a rave review from Gadgetwise on The New York Times.
You can get Press Here for your iPhone and iPod Touch (99 cents) or iPad ($1.00), and it's great for kids young and old—Tap Tap has become my go-to activity during my commute home from work.

Yes, I have a giveaway!

One winner will receive a copy of the Press Here book, a code for the iPhone app AND a code for the iPad app. Woo hoo!

There are two ways to enter:

• Check out the iPhone app on iTunes and leave a comment with your thoughts about it.
• Check out the iPad app on iTunes and leave a comment with your thoughts about it.

This giveaway is open to residents of U.S. and Canada until Wednesday, May 16 at 11:59 p.m.; I will randomly select the winner and alert you by email.

Note, you must leave your email if yours is not visible on your blog or your entry will be invalid.

UPDATE: The winner is L3Mom. Hope your kids enjoy the book and apps!


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post; I received free copies of the app and a book, but the opinions expressed here are my own.


  1. This looks awesome! I am just going to go buy it for the iPad. :)Thanks for sharing, I love love love LOVE learning about cool new apps!

  2. This looks super fun! I just got an iPad and am filling it up with apps rather quickly :) i'd love either the book or the app! Thanks for the review,

  3. Would love to test it out with my girls!

  4. i'm not sure how i feel about this. what's so wonderful and surreal about the book is how it acts like an app while being very much a book. i feel like the wink and irony and edge of asking "how does a child control a book" gets lost when it's ACTUALLY AN APP.

    apparently i am debbie downer this morning.

  5. Looks like fun! I'm sure my kids would love it... they LOVE any opportunity to be completely in control of Mom's iPhone. :)

  6. Yah! A contest open to Canadians :-). I would love to enter - my boys would love this! Email

  7. I am familiar with the book but had no idea it was also an app. I think it looks adorable and fun - and it looks like something my 4-year-old-with-CP might actually play with for a few minutes. We have an iPad and this would go right on there! Thanks for hosting this fun giveaway!

  8. So grateful for your reviews and all the helpful info you share! My 9 y/o daughter who has Cri du Chat syndrome loves the iPad and has greatly improved her eye-hand coordination. However, she has never yet enjoyed drawing or art class at school... wondering if Press Here might just spark something...

  9. We absolutely LOVE the book! Had no idea there was an app. No need to enter the contest b/c we already have the awesome book. But, thanks (as always) for finding out about all the cool stuff out there and sharing the info with us. Oh...I bet Sabrina and Max would love his "The Book with a Hole" also. :)

  10. This looks great. I would like to enter to win. Thanks.

  11. Oooohhh - we LOVE this book and have shared it with all of Jackson's OT's and PT's!! He is very good at following the directions given also. I actually looked for an app to go with it a few weeks ago and considered asking Phil to make me one!! Now I can't wait to go download it for Jack!!

  12. I've wanted to check out that book for a long time and the app looks super fun too (though probably more fun on the iPad-which-I-don't-have than my iPhone!). Glad it is for "silly parents" too. :-)

  13. I want to purchase an iPad real soon, and this app looks so cool and fun. Plus, Jeremy has become a huge fan of my mom's iphone so I think it is time to get my own...


  14. This looks like a super fun app--a barrel of fun for grown-ups AND kids! Maybe mommy will get lucky and little one will let me play once in a while if I am the lucky winner!

  15. This looks like a really cool app! I love the Tap Tap and Yum activities on it. Great reviews on it as well! Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. For got email


Thanks for sharing!

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