Tuesday, May 15, 2012

And then Max grew up to be a barista

For years, Max has had a table in his room he can write on with an erasable marker. It's a cheap one I got years ago at Bed, Bath & Beyond that I need to replace, because it's too baby-ish for him. Thing is, it comes in handy: Sometimes, he likes to draw on it or practice writing his name. Most recently, he likes to ask me or Sabrina to write out a list of preferred drinks of notable people in his life:

Max drinks chocolate milk
Caleb drinks water
Mommy drinks iced coffee
Daddy drinks hot coffee
Sabrina drinks lemonade

And then, he likes to recite the list, again and again and again. I love it because he's reading (well, at this point he's got it memorized), and most of all because he's articulating words. Lately, he's been trying so hard to say stuff.  

For weeks, Sabrina's sat with Max, wrote out the drinks and listened as he read—an awesome thing. But she's getting tired of doing it, as you might glean here. Max usually does a nice job of speaking the words when she's not speed-pointing.

Ah. Sibling love.


  1. That was awesome!! E. is nowhere near that [yet].

  2. Way to go Max!! And way to go Sabrina!! So proud of both of them!!! If Max feels like adding another name to his list, I like to drink juice.

  3. Next time around, I'm going to ask Sabrina to write "Mommy drinks Pinot Grigio." That should help expand Max's reading repertoire, don't you think?

  4. Also Lightning MacQueen drinks gasoline!

    Your kids are awesome!For a more grown-up version how about a table painted with chalkboard paint?


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