Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Special Needs Mom haiku!

Oh doomsaying doc
My child has much potential
Not in your med books

Mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm
Lips together, make that sound
Try, sweetie pie. Try.

IEP's coming
Will he get more therapies?
Curse you, budget cuts 

Feeling so stressed out
By endless list of to-dos
Hi, Ben & Jerry

Please do not ask me
When he's "going to" do stuff
Think: his own timeline

OK, your turn—share your Special Needs Mom haiku here! You know the pattern: 17 syllables in lines of 5, 7, 5.

I'm telling you, they're amazingly zen to write.

Photo of Japanese cherry blossom by esteemed helga


  1. WONDERFUL! Love these. Here's mine:

    Autism is a word
    My son? A whole universe
    Look beyond limits

    Yes! Cathartic!

  2. My Tessie Toodles
    A mystery to many
    An angel to me

  3. I. LOVE. THIS!

    I am going to give this a whirl :)

  4. What is that bald spot?!
    Use Seltzen you say?
    ...Time for 2nd opinion!

    lol... awesome. I think this is how I'm going to update my fb status for a while. ;)

  5. oops, I messed up the pattern... haiku fail.. :-S lol, still was fun. :)

  6. Nystagmus, seizures,
    Optic nerve hyperplasia,
    And adorable!

  7. I just want to peek
    Five, ten, fifteen years from now
    What will they be like?

    (No- my kids don't have special needs. However my first was slow to talk & needed EI and speech therapy until he was 7. I've often wished I could go back in time and tell my former self to stop panicking & predicting the future. Things change.)


  8. I don't have children.
    Why do I keep reading blogs?
    I have learned a lot.

  9. Haley's would be:

    Grandpa Grandma House
    Is it so much to ask for?
    I want to go now!

    And this is mine:

    I know you love them.
    I want to make it better.
    But, we can't go now.

  10. Sharing your blanket

    I feel the comfort of weight

    Best advice I got

  11. stupid change in time
    crazy physiotherapy
    need a martini

  12. Huggie, Kissie, Love
    My precious non birth baby
    Days smiles, me and you.

  13. Misjudged by others
    but they are really great kids
    please let them shine big

  14. LOVE these. I think we need a Haiku Festival or something.

  15. hmmm... i will try this

    love your heart, baby
    although it isn't quite whole
    teach us how you live

    my boy is has congenital heart disease and will be recovering from his very rough beginning to his life for a very very long time... including all his feeding. why not try another...

    g-tube oh g-tube
    how long will you be around
    can't wait to say bye

  16. Heavy in my arms

    Breath smells like pediasure

    Tight smile, wrinked nose

  17. So much fun...must try another.

    Long day of driving

    Stop to yell at kids and drink

    Starbucks of course - mmm

  18. my kids are 'normal'
    yours a little diff-er-ent
    they are all just kids :)

    had to force the 7 syllables there!

    my lovely girls are neurologically and physically typical, although my neice has some delays ('late' with everything so far). reading blogs like yours increases my intolerance of intolerance in every arena - whether disability, race, gender etc., and my awareness of my own unconscious biases, enabling me to change my thinking and behaviour. Thank you for shining a light on your world, which casts a greater illumination on the whole world. xx

  19. Books written by experts
    Great for some, but not this kid
    He will write his own

  20. Henry

    My beautiful gift
    How did I get so lucky
    Gave my life purpose

  21. My 2 year old would say...

    I want my iPad
    I need my Nikki Minaj
    I'm lost without her

    And mine would be...

    Soon she'll start preschool
    What will it be like for her?
    I hope she makes friends

    People say weird things
    Usually I'm not bothered
    But sometimes it hurts

  22. To "meg w.": I read your comment, and would just like to let you know, I was also born with a congenital heart defect, and had 4 open heart surgeries as a baby. Sure, I've had quite a number of medical issues my entire life, and will have to take daily medication for the rest of my life. But right now I'm 18, working my first job, and will be starting college in the fall. So don't get discouraged about where your son is now, because I'm sure everything will be just fine, and one day all this will just be a bad memory. :)

  23. Dreaming and writing.
    Average reasoning stumps me.
    I am not stupid.

    My friends can do it.
    But I need more time to learn.
    Cruel posts, begone!

  24. Here is my version

    Amelia is "normal".
    She isnt "disabled".
    I dont want to read books written by "experts". My girl has a rare type of CP.
    Look beyond Amelia's disability.
    Spastic monoplegia is mild.
    No assumptions please.


Thanks for sharing!

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