Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Max is now a barfly and a groupie

We’re back from vacation in Scottsdale, and as soon as I sort through a billion more photos I’ll gladly share because we had a phenomenal time.

Here’s Max with a band that's a regular at the hotel where we stayed, the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort and Spa at Gainey Ranch. Our first evening there, after dinner, we heard music coming from the lounge area and strolled in. Max immediately made a beeline for the elevator—he does not like loud sounds.

But then, he paused. He cautiously approached the stage. And he stayed there for a good hour, raptly listening to every song. It was his first concert.

The group, Spain Band, plays a mix of folksy covers like Joleen and I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow, along with original songs. There are two sisters, Gretchen and Brooke Spain, and two guys on guitar including one named… Max! My Max was very psyched, because he is ego-centric that way.

In case you're wondering: Yes, I let Max hang out in lounges in his Cars 2 pajamas. He's like the new Hugh Hefner! Only with way cooler pj's, and minus the Playboy Bunnies.  

The next morning, Max was doing a crazy dance in our room and pointing downstairs. He wanted to go back and hear the music. And so, we returned the next night Spain Band played. We sat on cushy sofas, ordered drinks (Max has developed a fondness for martinis!) (kid-ding!), chilled and listened.

By the end of our vacation, the Spain sisters were greeting him by name. “Hi, Max!” they said from the stage, and Max grinned the biggest grin. I half expected him to get up there and do a rousing rendition of his favorite song, “You Might Think I’m Crazy” (the version by Weezer, from Cars 2).

Before Max went to sleep last night, we surfed YouTube to find videos by the band.

This is just one of many reasons I think traveling is great for Max, whether we’re someplace an hour away by car or five hours by flight: It exposes him to new things. Because he's in a different mindset and feeling that spirt of adventure, he tends to be more open to new experiences.

Thank you, Spain Band, for the birth of a barfly. I'm not quite ready to do the club scene in New York with Max yet but, hey, I'm sure he wouldn't want his mom tagging along anyway.

How about you: Have you also found that your kids tend to act differently (for the better!) on vacation? 


  1. that's great Ellen.
    The band sound like they really took to him.
    Ashley is pretty much the same regardless of who he is with or where he is - Mr Sociable, always finds the ladies. Lol

  2. What a great story! Thanks for sharing, I loved it.

  3. That's awesome!

    I find my Max is more outgoing and more likely to try new things when we are away from home.

    That's one of the major reasons I keep joking I'd like to move to Disney World with him.

    We have plans to go to the Blues Festival in Chicago this June. Hopefully our vacation goes as well as yours did!

  4. Great post!

    My little guy is drawn to folk(ish) music, too - particularly when there's more than one singer and they harmonize really well. I wonder if Max would like the Nields? Though most of their music is not necessarily geared toward kids, they do have at least of couple of CDs that are (and they are among the few that I can listen to for long lengths of time without wanting to stab my own ears out).

    Keep rocking', Max!!

  5. That is so awesome! Carsyn loves being out places.

  6. Love this! It sounds like you had an awesome trip. I couldn't agree more about the awesome power of vacations. We always say how weird it is because routine can be so important in our lives but the minute you take Reid completely out of his comfort zone, he doesn't think or care about his routines at all. It's like the farther you are from the norm, the less the routines of daily life seem to matter. Makes me want to live one big vacation!!! And makes it sooooo hard to come home.

  7. How exciting not only for Max, but also you & your husband. It has to be validating that your efforts to help your son accept new things, change and different experiences does work.

    So thrilled your welcome to Scottsdale was so warm.

  8. Good for you! Way to go Max!
    We are always pleased at how well David does on vacation. Change in routines always challenge a kid...any kid... but routine changes on holiday help our kids GROW... maybe they are responding to the vibe we are giving out...martinis in the lounge never hurt either... cheers!

  9. Oh god -- I hope this doesn't mean that he was sleeping with the lead singer!!! I bet the Cars 2 jammies are a turn-on! :-) Great that he's being more adventurous! I hope it carries over to activities at home!

  10. Max is way cooler than me. I haven't listened to a live band in a LONG time! I hope my little one learns to like live music too!

    I thought I'd mention that I'm starting a series called "Therapy Secrets". I'd love to hear your thoughts and possible ideas for topics you might want me to share as an OT.

    Have a lovely day!

  11. Love that he attended his first concert in his Cars Pjs:) Classic!

  12. Great to hear that you guys had a great time and Max got to explore new things. We are travel and book bugs and hope to pass on that love to our lil one. She went on her first vacation when she was barely 3 months old and a month after we got the diagnosis we went on another vacation anyway!! It was great for us and for her. We make it a point to explore a new activity every week and go to a new place at least once every two months. I am so glad that you are a travel bug too - we would get along very well I think :)

  13. I LOVE this, and I think it's more about us than about the kids; we all deep down have a musical component to our souls and really, want to be recognized as a 'regular' somewhere. Even if it is for two days at a hotel bar.

  14. Yay Max survived his first concert :) I went to India with my family it made me more confident because I had to keep saying to people 'I am not sick' .

  15. The Noise Aversion thing seems to be abating--did you use earplugs or headphones at all, or was he cool with the experience bare-eared?

  16. BW aka Barbara from BostonApril 20, 2012 at 3:09 AM

    You know when I was in college there was a bar that made Brandy Alexanders with ice cream. When Msx turns 21, you could go bar hopping. I asm sure it could be made with CHOCOLATE LOL :-}

  17. Felicia, I've missed you! Barbara, you too! Where have you ladies been?

    Thanks for encouraging Max's drinking habit, Barbara! And Felicia, yes, he did it without headphones! I think he's definitely getting less noise-sensitive with age.

    Bea, Max is way cooler than me, too. Your series sounds awesome, I will stop by!

    Seems like we maybe should all of us plan a big trip together somewhere. Hmmm. Tahiti, anyone? :)

  18. I am working THREE jobs now!!!! I have cut back on the table waiting but I am still doing it. I am working more at the nursing home and I have a little part-time fill-in job two days a week as a receptionist/phone answerer. It's easy money and I get to sit!


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