Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Max has a knock-knock joke for you

I don't want to alarm you or anything, but it appears that our family has some sort of knock-knock-joke gene mutation.

First came Sabrina's nonsense ones, which she eventually grew out of despite the fact that I cracked up every single time.

Max's jokes have typically been of the doodie variety. He went through a phase in which he delighted in calling my sister Judy Doodie and she gladly tolerated that, both because she was used to me referring to her that way growing up (I did not mention it in her wedding toast, mind you) and because we were psyched Max was figuring out rhymes.

And now, Max is getting into knock-knock jokes, and of course it involves one of his current obsessions. This morning, he was watching Little Bear on TV and someone made a knock-knock joke. Max looked at me and said something, and I didn't understand what he'd said. And then he said it again:

Max: "Knock knock!"
Me: "Who's there?
Max: "Cars 2!"

And then, of course, I cracked up.


  1. Sam is a HUGE fan of jokes. All jokes. ANY jokes.

    His most recent "joke of the day" as I like to call them was actually pretty dang funny:

    "What is a sea monster's favorite food? Fish and Ships."


  2. BWhahahhaaa!! That's great :) I love kids knock knock jokes. They find the strangest things funny.

  3. I love it when we can tell that despite their challenges, we can still tell our kids have a sense of humor! Oh, and that they are typical (ie doodie jokes). I put knock knock and other jokes on Kyle's Dynavox device. He loves engaging with people that way.

  4. So cute! He has such a beautiful smile!

  5. Love getting the idea of rhyming!

  6. My favorite is from one of my little guys that I work with. Will. "What did one whale say to another?"

    Answer: It makes a whale noise! (and then he makes a whale noise)

    I love that boy.


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