Sunday, December 4, 2011

Cool clothes, contests, sites and other Stuff Worth Knowing About, 12/3/11 edition

Recognize anyone? Yes, you're right: that's Sabrina! And next to her, Jessica Simpson, at the Dylan's Candy Bar launch party for the Jessica Simpson Girls Collection. The line has really cute stuff that fits well. Sabrina got to trace and color designs on jeans and shoes. In fact, she's been wearing the jeans for several days in a row, per her penchant for pulling stuff out of the laundry. I did not mention this charming habit to Jessica, who's 5 months preggers, though we did talk about indulging cravings (she's into PB&J).
The collection has a great contest going on for kids: make a t-shirt design, upload a jpg through January 31 2012, and it could end up on a t-shirt. A portion of proceeds will benefit Baby Buggy, the nonprofit that provides gear, clothing and other items for kids and family in need.

And now, an awesome video contest: As part of their plus15 campaign, The Down Syndrome Research and Treatment Foundation is asking siblings of people with Down syndrome to create videos celebrating their bro or sis. Just upload the video to YouTube, and send the link to Submissions are open until Friday, December 9; winners receive gift certificates to Amazon. They asked me to help judge, and I'm betting all of the videos are going to be winners one way or another. Find out more about the contest here.

Shop and support adults with disabilities: Life After IEPs has put together a great list of gifts that benefit adults with disabilities, everything from popcorn to camping equipment.

Fun gift for a far-away kid (or a nearby one): We recently got a BabbaBox sent to our house to check out, which arrived when my mom (aka Babba) was visiting. No relation. The company creates educational activity boxes for kids ages 3 to 6; our harvest-themed one had a beading craft, a leaf collection bag and paint, the book Possum's Harvest Moon, an iTunes code for a falling apples game, and a Nyokki (a modern-day Chia pet that grows grass). The kids had a fun time exploring it all. They're offering 20 percent off a gift box ($29.99) or a one- or three-month subscription; use promo code LTM20, expires 12/20. Box does not come with someone to help kids quit fighting over who gets to try what first.

Library books by mail: Just found out that the Library of Congress has a free reading service for kids preschool through 8th grade who are physically disabled or blind; they send audio and braille books and magazines by postage-free mail (I'd always thought it was only for adults who have visual impairments). Check it out. How great would it be if someone organized a Therapist By Mail? Yeah, a special needs mom can dream.

Extreme tech lust: My friend Amy from Selfish Mom (don't buy it, she's nice) recently hosted a T-Mobile holiday event where I got to fondle a bunch of cool phones. I liked the FamilyWhere feature, which allows parents to track the location of any phone on their family plan. And I coveted their new smarty-pants-phone, the myTouchQ, because it is super-easy to use and I like having a keyboard. Do you prefer that, or typing on screen?

Last, an announcement: I have decided to outsource this mom job to India.

Hope you're having a good, sane weekend. Did you enter to win a MasterCard $100 gift card?

Photos by Jessica & Sabrina, Linda Grant of NYC Single Mom; Sabrina coloring, Joanna Dreifus of My Mom Shops. We received gift bags at the events and a gift card.


  1. The Library of Congress sends out reading material to anyone with a print disability (including providing free audiocassette machines) of any age. They also have text files that are downloadable. Once you send in the necessary information to demonstrate that you or your child qualifies, there is a huge amount of material available -- everything from Harry Potter to academic material.

  2. Oh, now I know why all your comments are so positive b'cos you delete all the ones not agreeing with you.

  3. A couple of you asked if Eric Johnson, Jessica's fiance, was there. He was, he was similarly nice, and Sabrina refused to talk with him. !

    To the person above, you are right, the comments here are positive because I have Very Nice Readers. I do not delete comments unless they contain profanity.

  4. As you know very well my comment did not contain any profanity, but its too much to expect you to understand that the same way you find the use of the word ''retard'' (sometimes used in all innocence and not meant to offend)unsavoury, similarly the way you had put the outsourcing ref, may offend others.

  5. And don't worry that just b'cos I commented thrice I will keep commenting on your blog, I don't even plan to follow it any more. Its a pity b'cos your little boy Max is a real sweetheart with the most endearing smile, but unfortunately he seems to have a mom too full of herself and with double standards.

  6. I honestly have no idea what you are talking about. What comment did not contain profanity? I did not disparage outsourcing in my post about outsourcing motherhood though if it offended you, I am sorry for that. Still, there's no need to say anything obnoxious although you are right about one thing: I am very full of myself because I happen to have two very awesome kids.


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