Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The day I sent myself a birthday card

My birthday's coming up next week. I sent myself a pretty card, this one.

It's been sitting on my dresser since it arrived in the mail. Dave is rather oblivious to stuff sitting around the house—socks on the bedroom floor, various toys on the bathroom floor that might maim you if you stepped on them—and has not yet questioned who the card is from. Which is probably good, because if I said I sent it to myself, he may finally think I am losing it, which he most likely already suspects. But, hey, I pick up the damn socks from the bedroom floor.

Not only did I send myself a card, I wrote myself a little note:

And, yes, I asked myself to make some doctor appointments. I am a serious slacker when it comes to taking care of myself, which I believe is also known as being a mom. I am overdue for a physical, among some other medical stuff. I finally made a major doc appointment after I sent myself this little love note—exactly what the purpose of the card is.

The card is from a new line of Tiny Prints greeting cards, part of the More Birthdays campaign from the American Cancer Society (ACS). They asked a bunch of bloggers to check them out, for a fee. ACS believes that every birthday is a victory—as they say, "Another year that cancer has not won." Thanks to the ACS's research, patient support, education and other efforts, this year 11,000,000 cancer survivors will celebrate another birthday.

The cards in the line are gorgeous; they run $1.99 to $3.99. And they make a real impact: 12.5% of the proceeds from each purchase is donated to ACS; Tiny Prints will make an additional 5% donation. You can order them here, until April 30.

Keep them in mind for upcoming birthdays!

Now, if you were sending yourself a birthday message, what would it say? And would your husband think you were nuts?


  1. Happy Birthday honey!! We will celebrate a little early when we come over for Thanksgiving. I love you.

  2. If I sent myself a birthday card it would probably say..."Breathe, exhale, inhale and though it may be hard, pay some attention to yourself today. You deserve it."
    As mothers of special needs children, we often put our needs aside. Take that day and find away to pamper yourself.
    I think sending yourself a card is a great reminder. Bravo.

  3. If I sent myself a birthday card with a note attached it would read "I am so proud of you for getting up every day and trying to change the world". Happy Birthday in advance :)


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