Saturday, November 19, 2011

An awesome present and other Stuff Worth Knowing About

Last week, I went to a Cool Mom Tech/CNET event about awesome tech holiday gifts. And there were many to lust after, from a Sonos S5 wireless home music system to the Belkin Screencast that lets you hide your gaming systems in a closet and beams them out (buh-bye, cluttered living room). Particularly lovable: The Le Papier Studio iPhone Case, above, custom-made with a silhouette of your kids, for $42. Don't tell Dave, but I'm getting him one for the holidays. The gift bag I received, alas, did not include a device for preventing your husband from hogging the remote control.

Melissa & Doug are doing a "North Poll" holiday event. Just head on over, vote for your favorite toy, and you'll save 25 percent on your order.

McDonald's annual "Give A Hand" fundraiser to benefit the Ronald McDonald House Charities is happening through tomorrow. Submit a photo of your hand (or your child's!) with a phrase showing your support for RMHC. You could win $250 and a McD's prize pack, plus a $500 donation to your local Ronald McDonald House. You can also contribute by buying a paper hand for $1, $3 or $5 at participating McDonald's.

If you're coming to New York City anytime in the near future, you absolutely need to see Traces. Sabrina and I received tickets for it, and I have never witnessed feats of human acrobatics like that. Yes, that's a man standing on his head on several chairs. The seven performers tossed each other around, spun around polls and in a giant silver circle, jumped through hoops, skateboarded across the stage, and in between made charming chit-chat about themselves. There were no nets. Our jaws were open the entire time. It'll be in Dayton starting 12/6, and Costa Mesa as of 2/28.

For every MyOwnPet balloon purchased (kids can take them for walks!), $5 will go toward Canines for Disabled Kids, a nonprofit that helps kids with disabilities gain independence with the help of a pooch. The critters go for $15; you just have to purchase them here.

For those of you who aren't into camping out overnight to get into stores on Black Friday (or who try to avoid them completely), Toys "R" Us is opening its doors at 9:00 on Thanksgiving night. Way to work off that stuffing! Enter their Black Friday Sweepstakes to win a trip via limo to the store that night and a $1000 Toys "R" Us gift card; a hundred winners will snag $100 Toys "R" Us gift cards.

I am just a little too excited about The Muppets movie, which is opening Nov 23. Usually, Dave takes Sabrina to movies but I have dibs on this one. Max, I know, will not venture in. I have amazingly fond memories of these guys from childhood. My favorite muppets: Miss Piggy, Waldorf & Astoria and Rowlf. Who are yours?


  1. BEAKER!!!! Of course, in my former life I was an engineer. :)

  2. The My Own Pets are awesome. Joey got one of those when he had his big leg surgery back in March. He was in so much pain and looking so pitiful and when the recreation therapist brought that balloon to him, he smiled and my heart melted.

  3. My so excited about the muppet movie! I've managed to get my 4-year-old hooked on them as well. I think Gonzo is my favorite, but it's so hard to choose...I love them all!

  4. Miss Piggy has always been my favorite "regular' Muppet, although I also love Emett from "Emmett Otter's Jug-band Christmas." He's too cute! The Muppets are awesome, and I can't wait to see this new movie! <3

    P.S. It's Waldorf and Statler. ^_^

  5. i also cannot wait for the muppets. though i know the movie-maker is taking advantage of all of us parents feeling that way!

    my fav muppet always has been animal.

  6. We loved having you last week! I know he'll love that case.

    And do you know I do a mean Beaker? True story.

  7. Hey Ellen, this is totally unrelated to your post, but I wanted to tell you that Baskin Robbins has a CARS 2 ice cream cake. It isn't the same as the "photo cake" with the birthday boy's pic on it but it's a pretty cool cake. If you have one of those BRs near you you might want to check it out and see if they can hook you up. It would be a good backup if you can't get the cake from the original source and do the dry ice thing!

    Cars 2 World Grand Prix Cake 1 (CC-77)
    Finish first with Lightning McQueen and Mater on top of your favorite flavor ice cream cake!

    You could do a sheet cake with Max's pic and a CARS 2 logo, AND the ice cream cake--just a thought in case you need a back up plan...!! 2 cakes for the Cars 2 boy? Might take the sting out of not getting the "exact" cake, if ya know what I mean...!

  8. Thanks, Felicia! We had to get THE exact cake with THE exact design, which Max has committed to memory. My sister-in-law is transporting it!!! Even a bit melted, it'll be what Max wants. But this is a good back-up plan.

    Waldford & Astor, of course! This is what I get for writing at 1 in the morning. My birthday's coming up at end of the month. Brain not what it used to be.

    And Liz, I will be forced to ask you to do your Beaker impression next time I see you.


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