Thursday, June 9, 2011

"Mom, did ya have to take off the cast?!"

The serial casting is going amazingly well (knock on plaster). Max is literally running around with his cast—and he is faster than ever. It's giving him good support, better than the inward-turning foot was. Another benefit is that the cast is a very handy place to write "Max eats spaghetti sauce," given that I have refused to have that permanently tattooed on his body. Showering is less of a pain than I thought; we have a blue elastic-topped baggie that slips over his leg and keeps water out.

I had to take off the cast last night, because Max was getting a new one. The idea is that each week the cast gets increasingly stiff and angled a bit more so that ultimately, his foot will be at a complete 90 degree angle (the ideal).

As I started to unravel the cast Max shook his head "no" furiously: He did not want it to come off. Go figure. I promised him he'd get a new one the next day and that I would immediately write "Max eats spaghetti sauce" on it with a Purple Sharpie. He calmed down and I carried on.

After it was off, I noticed that Max's foot seemed a lot more straight. When he walked, it was flat on the ground instead of arched up on the side; to my eye, it looked a lot better. The physical therapist confirmed it. She said it wasn't common to see so much improvement in the first week but that's Max for you, defying the odds.

Max will have these casts for a few more weeks. Then he'll get an overnight cast that slips on, to be used indefinitely. IN PURPLE!

Something tells me he's never going to want to take that thing off.


  1. That's so encouraging, great news!

  2. brilliant!
    it's good he didn't need orthotics like Ashley. They're much more long term.
    Already being upright and mobile has probably accelerated things (I'm guessing)
    Our castings are plaster - what makes yours stiff? Is there an insert?

  3. Yay Max! Glad to hear it's working so well for him.

    First time commenting but I just had to congratulate you.

  4. Yay! This is just so awesome, I'm so glad it is going so well for Max. He is just flying!

  5. "It's giving him good support, better than the inward-turning foot was."

    Thanks for testimony that good external support results in better movement. Whether it is a cast (for temporary support) or a brace for longer term support during growth - these are time proven techniques with long term benefits. Barbara

  6. I know, so encouraging.

    Max actually does have orthotics. And now they're going to be more key than ever, to make sure his foot doesn't revert.

    The castings are plaster, strips are wrapped around some sort of sock and cottony material.

    Hi, Jen!

    And yes, Barbara, I'll vouch for external support, all the way.

  7. Woo hoo!!!! That's great news.
    I'm wondering about the night cast. Jonah (club foot) wears these to sleep For club foot the full brace is required because of the particular ligaments that are tight, but the brace does wonders for maintaining correction.

    Lots of luck to you guys and purple spaghetti max!!!!

  8. How wonderful that Max is enjoying his serial casting! It's also wonderful that he's moving faster/better with it!

    If you really want to be Spaghetti Mom of The Year, find someone who is skilled in the application of henna and have them make Max a temporary tattoo for the summer. Heck, go to town and get him a big 'un on his back! Tee hee! Then, when you are at the pool, you can get all sorts of surly stares from the nosy parkers who will think you are some tough biker chick who brought your kid to a tattoo parlor!

    We're fans of temporary tattoos in our house, since Daddy had a few permanent ones, and Grampa has one on his bicep as well! We get the ones that you put on with water, and last a few weeks (look like hell towards the end, but oh well). It's a summer tradition with us. We're trying to persuade my mom to get one, no luck...yet, but we'll keep working on her!

  9. I know nothing about serial casting so all of this is so interesting to me. I think it's hilarious that he loves it so much!

  10. That's awesome he's doing so well! Brayden had to be serial casted for 8 weeks last year! With the growing and alot of spasticity he could've used it again this year, but were trying something different right now. Our little guys have to endure alot!

  11. What wonderful news. I hope it keeps improving.

  12. How awesome. So glad to hear.

  13. The world needs more colored pasta, for special needs or mainstream kids.


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