Saturday, June 4, 2011

Max is just about ready for his driver's license

Max has coveted one of those electric kiddie cars for months now. A little girl in our 'hood has one and Max hyperventilates whenever she motors by our house.

Max can steer very well, I just wasn't sure he'd have the foot control for the gas pedal. Especially now that he has a cast on. But I swear, it's turned him into Super Max. He has been running around like crazy, as if the cast is turbo-charged.

This weekend, we're at Woodloch, a superfun family resort in the Poconos of Pennyslvania, and they had a bunch of these cars.

Whoa, baby. Not only was Max able to drive, he figured out how to reverse, too. I think he maybe drives better than Dave. Dave would definitely tell you that Max drives better than me, but Dave doesn't have a blog.

Is it just me or does Max look like he's cruising for chicks?


  1. Oh, Ellen, that is such a great video of Max! He really looks like he's been driving all of his life; he's so cool and calm about the whole thing - like he really IS cruising for chicks! I love it. :)

    Way to go Max ~ you rock, dude. :)

  2. I smell a birthday gift!!!! Sounds like you're gonna have to find him a purple electric car to ride up and down the street!!! He looks awesome;) Hope it was a great get-away for you all!!!!

  3. Oh my!! I love this video. Max looks super cool.

  4. he loves it.
    I think the Independence thing is So important to our kids. Any opportunity for self determination - choosing clothes, walking frames, this car, all give them the "I'm doing it" buzz.
    Max, you're a Dude. :)

  5. He totally looks like he is cruising for chicks!! Love it!

  6. Cruising for chicks I don't think so at least not untill he's 30, has a job and the means to support that chick :)

  7. That is awesome! It's so great that he can drive it around - you can tell he loves it. And yes, any chance to give them a feeling of independence is so important.

    Andrew's father won one of these cars at a raffle and we wondered about the little guy's ability to push those pedals with his braces -- we were done with the castings by the time he got the car. He too was a natural and had a blast with it!

    One note on those casts - they don't seem to slow the kids down at all. He almost always had 2 casts at a time when getting botox shots (between ages 2 -4), and after 1 day of crawling/getting used to them, he would be off and "running" or rather, moving at a gait/speed that he considered running. Other parents at the park didn't quite know how to act when they saw a kid with two casts ambling to the climbing area - should they pull their kids aside, make room, you could see it in their faces. But once he started climbing or walking around, everyone relaxed and it was kids as normal.

  8. Not only does he look like he's mastered it, he looks settled in general, and very focused.

    Any chance the vibrations work for him? He's basically sitting on a motor, right?

    BTW, my E. once had two casts because he broke both legs at once. He was allowed to walk on them, and managed to get around really quick.

  9. I think max is looking for chick

  10. HA! He does look like Joe Cool, doesn't he?

    Maybe the cast is also working like an AFO and giving him additional stabilization of foot/ankle in addition to correcting the turn in his foot????

    What a car! I'll bet that thing costs more than the one I drive to work every day!

  11. He knows how to go left, stop, and keep his eyes on the road. He's a better driver than most. I like the one hand on the steering wheel too. Way cool, Max! Yep, he's crusin' for chicks and ready to put that right arm around a lucky girl. Did Dad teach him that trick?

  12. So funny that you posted this. Emma covets one of those pink jeeps which is owned by a girl down the street from us. I think Emma might have more trouble operating one than Max, so we have not gotten her one yet. I was also worried that she might be too tall for one now. It always seems like by the time she is "able" or "about able" to do something, she has outgrown the toy or the whatever. But, it looks like Max fit in there okay!

    By the way, he looks fab driving that Escalade. Definitely could be cruisin' for chicks. He certainly is a babe magnet. Loving his hair! I want his hair. It is so thick and lays so nicely! Is it wrong for me to covet his hair?

    Go MAX!!!


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