Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A little slice of fantasy life

I don't spend much time fantasizing about the high life—I'm way too busy with real life—although I do have some go-to basics: a fancy home, my own chef, cruising down a highway in a convertible (while my hair still manages to look good).

Despite my minivan lifestyle, I was able to get a taste of them all at Nissan's Murano CrossCabriolet event, where they put us up in the beautiful Omphoy Ocean Resort in Palm Beach and didn't kick me out for not using words like "265 horsepower" in conversation.

This is how a boutique hotel room looks before your children get to it.

This is how I look in a convertible. Like I was born in one, right? RIGHT?! There's just one hitch to my thing for convertibles: I'm actually wary of them because I worry about flipping over. I mean, it's not as if I were running with the bulls before I had kids or anything, but parenthood has a way of putting a damper on things.

The CrossCabriolet feels solid, though, and handles easily. It's an all-wheel drive, convertible SUV with steel roll bars that pop up in the rear in case of a flip over. It's posh, too: There's a keyless ignition/entry, a heated steering wheel and seats (leather), a Bose audio system, a navigation system and plenty of room in the front, back and trunk. The top comes down with a push of a button (in 25 seconds) and it's easy to get into the back seat, not awkward. One feature it lacks is babysitting.

I loved the turquoise color (Caribbean), which would considerably perk up our driveway during snowstorms but might require a move to California.

I rode with Elizabeth from Busy Mom, who is very chill in person. We drove by breathtaking mansions, put on Radio Margaritaville and for a couple of hours, I was living the good life. People shot us admiring looks and asked what kind of car it was. Nobody ever gawks when I'm in the minivan, except for the time I started riding out of the supermarket parking lot with the trunk still open.

The kids fell for the CrossCabriolet too, although I'm not sure where Sabrina learned to steer that way.

This is the part where Max informed Dave he wanted to keep the car. Only problem was, we weren't sure how we'd get it through security.

Later, superstar chef Michelle Bernstein, who's appeared on America's Top Chef, did a cooking demo as we dined on white gazpacho, roasted chicken and untraditional lime pie with dark chocolate; I had to force myself not to plant my face into it.

I would have liked to take Michelle home with us, as getting her through security wouldn't have been an issue, but I suspect she'd soon tire of my requests for tuna melts.

So, when you have time to think about a fantasy lifestyle, what springs to mind?


  1. Ellen, you were SO lucky! I totally WANT THAT CAR! I love the turquoise color, too, so awesome! And I loved the photos of Max and Sabrina in the driver's seat! Watch out, world! ^_^

  2. Next time, please share the slice - looks awesome and the running commentary was spot on - I would have gladly done a face plant in anything Michelle Bernstein cooked because it would be yummy and I could ignore her voice and personality which grate on me (there's just something) -
    next time I'm having a moment - I'll say - Cabriolet take me away - sorry Calgon - you are so yesterday

  3. Let's see . . . my imagined luxuries. Oh, a chef for sure. And someone to walk around behind my kids and pick up all the junk they leave trailing behind them. Because I get pretty tired of nagging them to clean it up all the time.

  4. Tara, I neglected to mention that my fantasy home would be a SELF-CLEANING home! How amazing would that be? My husband already thinks he lives in one of those.

    Michelle's food is amazing and she's charming in person. I haven't caught her on TV; I don't watch cooking shows very often because I don't cook. Which is why I need my own chef.

  5. Wow, that is one nice looking car, and it looks even nicer with you in it. The kids and Dave seemed to feel at home in it also.

    Lime pie - one of my favorites!! And even better with chocolate (isn't everything better with chocoloate??)

  6. Clearly in my fantasy lifestyle we'd get to hang out tons more! What a great post and I agree that the car was made for you! So glad that we got to see each other at least for a little while in Palm Beach!

    And I agree about wanting to bring Michelle home with me so i could have her fried chicken all the time. Then again, my fantasy lifestyle would allow me to lose weight while eating her chicken and key lime pie! :)

  7. I'm happy your enjoying yourself and making us all smile at the same time. I was laughing reading your post. You have tell how you get invited to such events.. so I can go next time.


  8. You were born for that sweet ride. It's a pity there was no "surprise" blogger swag...of a new car! I'm not sure I have ever driven in a convertible.

  9. Oh that looks like a fun time! <3 the car color, and I totally want that pie.

    Fantasy life? Going to have to go with the self-cleaning house too, Ellen, and ditto on the losing weight while eating fried chicken and key lime pie, Tech Savvy Mama! I'd also want a self-cleaning car because so far those raisins in the backseat aren't cleaning up themselves (maybe if I wait long enough?), a yard (those are hard to come by in CA), a pool, and an awesome babysitter who would watch my boys so that *I* could do the cooking. I love to cook and bake, but it's been harder and harder to find the time.


Thanks for sharing!

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