Saturday, December 25, 2010

What's your favorite winter sight?

Hello, all. Haaaaaaapy holidays! We're very merry, especially because we're in Vermont for the weekend. Dave's skiing, Sabrina's in ski school, Max is hanging at the hotel's kiddie program (he ordered me to leave him) and I am vegging out. Some of you may recall my adventure with skiing last year, and my very svelte left knee. I am too chicken to hit the slopes again this year, even though my ACL is only partially torn. "If you get into another accident, you could really mess it up," someone told me the other day, striking the fear of God into me. Can you spell w-u-s-s?

It's a long ride here from where we live, a good seven hours, but I was the happiest passenger during the last couple of hours as we drove through Vermont. It's the icicles, frozen mid-cascade on the cliffs on the side of the road; they utterly and completely mesmerize me. I can never get enough of them.

"Will you please look at the beautiful icicles? Please?" I said, begging the kids to tear their eyes away from the DVD.

"ICE!" said Max.

"Wooooow," said Sabrina.

And then they went right back to the magical sight of Thomas the Tank.

Icicles in the mountains of Vermont are the prettiest of all, but even ice hanging off the side of our garage is beautiful to me, ice queen that I am.

What winter sight blisses you out?



  1. The ice is such a beautiful sight! I love the sight of our girls skating on the pond, knowing that they are having fun and once they are sufficiently tired, will come indoors and warm up with some hot chocolate. There's nothing like red-cheeked, frostbite nose-filled little kisses! Enjoy your time in VT!

  2. My son and I love to look at the snow as it sparkles in the moonlight. We also love the drifts when the wind blows the snow everywhere!

  3. Snow, before anyone steps in it or anything else. Then I like to make a single set of footprints in it.

  4. I wouldn't have known what to say 6 hours ago, but we have our first white Christmas in Georgia in 130 years and after taking the Monkey outside to play in the snow after dinner, I'd definitely have to say it's seeing the snow fall in great big flakes on the bare, leave-less trees. It was just beautiful.

  5. I can remember when the sight of a needle on the FULL icon on the oil tank was my favorite winter sight!! We had a few cold days in the past when times were rough!

    I still like a warm woodstove or a fire going when it is cold outside!

    Ellen, if you are at a place where they have tubing you should give that a try--you just have to know how to sit down and hang on!

  6. I love watching snowflakes fall, especially during the day; it makes me feel like I am in a snow globe. Alternately, I love when snow clings to tree branches and they are covered

  7. love icicles on the trees - always called them fairy trees when i was a kid, still makes me happy to wake up and see them.

    a foot of snow on our unshoveled driveway... now that's a sight i dont love nearly as much!

  8. No doubt about it. My favorite winter sight was last year, when a gaggle of the neighborhood girls were at the door in their snow outfits asking if E wanted to play outside. It was the first time that had happened--and, in SNOW (hardest terrain besides sand), we would have never expected it.

    I still cry when I think about it.

    So, even though we haven't had much snow this year, kids sledding bring that wonderful memory to mind.


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