Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The funniest joke I think I've ever heard

Max has a really healthy sense of humor, especially when it comes to anything related to poop. Some of you may recall the video of Max pressing the fart button his speech teacher installed on his communication device. You might also recall that one of Max's favorite sights at Disney World was a lion taking a dump, after which Dave regularly chanted "Lions make big doodies!"

We are such a classy family.

Last night, Max was lying in bed as I read his new purple book to him, Jungle In My Bedroom, and we got to a page that showed a lion. Max pointed to the lion, sat upright and gestured toward his butt. Then he cracked up.

At first, I didn't get it. Then he said some semblance of, "Lion made big doodie." And I started laughing hysterically. Sabrina came running into the room to see what all the fuss was about. She wasn't that amused, but then again she has a strange sense of humor involving knock-knock jokes that don't make any sense.

Yeah, you had to be there. But let me say, I am awed. I just had Max's annual IEP this week, and I told the teacher I wanted to work on developing his higher level of intelligence—things like being able to understand abstract concepts, such as time; being able to make connections between ideas; being able to think beyond people and objects that are right in front of him.

Max's joke showed me that he has an excellent memory. And that he can definitely put distinct thoughts together. And that, like any little boy, he thinks doodie is funny.

My little comedian. Hey, maybe Max needs a Facebook campaign to star on Saturday Night Live? Move over, Betty White!

Now, share: What makes your kid crack up?


  1. That is one of the best jokes I think I've ever heard too! Way to go Max!! lol - I will never look at a lion the same way again - in a good way!! :)
    Our little guy cracks up at the commercial with the bunny in slow motion..and the hippo (for a phone or something?? Geez, I get so happy when he laughs at it, that I've forgotten to see what the ad actually is for!!) Just started last week - and he cracks up every time it comes on. Then making his older brother crack up..then us! Was such an exciting thing to tell the Neurologist at our appt this week that he has consistently laughed at the Same commercial! :)

    P.S. Ellen - your blog has completely changed our 'journey'. Our little guy is 1.5 yrs and has had such a rough go. Your humor, sincerity, common sense, Real, honest, heartfelt...approach to your 'journey' has helped my husband and I feel so much better. We feel so much less alone; more sane for thinking and feeling the things we have/do; supported by so many who 'get it' and nice to know there's others out there who love their kids as much as we do too. Keep it up - you are changing lives!
    Thanks! :) Rose

  2. Way to go Max! My guy doesn't get jokes yet, but loves to laugh, especially for tickles. It's the best sound in the world.

  3. I was just wondering if I could find more purple books so I did a search on Amazon I found 749 purple kids books here is a link to that search

    This one is all potty humor ha ha ha
    Captain Underpants And The Preposterous Plight Of The Purple Potty People

  4. Ellen that is great stuff! You can't underestimate a good sense of humor...that will get you far in life, right?

  5. That is AWESOME. Don't you love those moments that show us more than most others can see about our kids??

  6. Good for Max. I know quite a few adults who would benefit from Max's sense of humor!

    The other night, Emily laughed in response to me laughing for the very first time. It was awesome! She was laughing so hard she could barely breathe!

  7. Connor likes laundry. Laundry is hilarious. Also chopsticks.

    And yes, poop.

    Those boys!

  8. There is nothing like laughter, and a sense of humor. Oliver loves alliteration and tongue twisters, especially when you say them really really fast! He thinks Bruno (a Judge on Dancing With The Stars) is hysterical - his accent and gestures crack Oliver up every time. The problem is that when Ollie laughs too hard it causes him to gag and vomit. That is just not fair, and it breaks my heart every time.

  9. That is too cute!
    I've been stalking your blog (you have adorable kids!), and wanted to delurk to say that Max looks just like Eric in Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. :) As soon as Eric walked on screen I said to myself "That little boy looks like Max!" :)
    Have a great day!!!

  10. Poops and farts....ah, the universal language of the giddy child!

    Grampa likes farts, too--he loves the "Pull my finger" exercise, particularly. It never gets old to his hysterically appreciative audience.

  11. Corrigan thinks that when the dog walks past him it is hysterical. The dog doesnt do anythign special, just saunters past....but he flips OUT.

    Here is a video link of how hysterical he thinks that the dog's walking is.

  12. Okay...My first visit here 7 it is offical....I am in love. What a sweet family! I already need to add you to my blog list & it is my first visit :) Thanks for sharing your family!

  13. purple ness:

    one eyed-one horned flying purple people eater by sheb wolby(sp) on u-tube
    and a poem
    I never saw a purple cow
    I never hope to see one
    but I can tell you
    any how
    I'd rather see than be one!

    I learned this in grade school- don't know the author

    Sally in CT

  14. Rose, that was the nicest comment to wake up to on a rainy, icky morning. Thank you. Amy: 749 purple books?!!! Wow, think of the possibilities. We could decorate our house in purple books. Candace, yeah, a sense of humor sure does come in handy, except I lost mine tonight while dealing with Home Depot's customer service dept. They are not humor-inducing. Mo: YES!!!!!!! Jess: It made me smile to think of Connor loving chopsticks. Libbie, thanks. Sally, thanks to you too for that lovely purple sentiment. And everyone, go watch that video of Corrigan because you can't help but laugh right along with him.

  15. funney will he be in inculsive next year

  16. Burps are pretty awesome at my house.

  17. Ah, yes, burps are a laugh riot here too. AZ, no, Max is not going to be in an inclusive class next year, we're sending him again to a school for kids with special needs. It's a good place for him right now.

  18. Good one Max!!!! The joke is really hilarious!!!!! Kids do really have a funny sense of humor and that is very beneficial for their growth. I'm pretty sure that he will grow up to be a funny and intelligent guy. :-0

  19. My daughter Haley seems to think everything is funny. That childs is laughing all of the time. I sometimes ask her what is so funny but I rarely get an answer. She even says "That is SO funny!" It just cracks me up


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