Saturday, May 15, 2010

The case of the kidnapped purple jacket: a confession

Dear Suzette,

We were so pleased to have the kids over at our house last weekend. Max was particularly pleased because Teilo was wearing a purple sweatshirt jacket. He was even more pleased when Teilo accidentally left it at our house. I had every plan to walk it over, except I didn't get a chance and left it sitting on the bench in our front hall.

Monday morning: Max is on his way out the door to the school bus when he spots the purple jacket. He wants it. He wants it baaaaaaad. He is still in the throes of his purple obsession. I am weak. I put the jacket on him and off he goes. You should know that I am not typically in the habit of aiding and abetting criminals, just in case you're wondering what kind of a family this is. We are typically an honest, decent family, albeit one that was lacking in purple jackets until Teilo came along. Teilo rocks.

Tuesday afternoon: I am hanging on the porch with the kids. Max has Teilo's purple jacket on again. I am thinking evil thoughts along the lines of, I'll bet Teilo has lots of jackets. Nobody's going to miss this one. Suddenly, you drive by. I gaze at you guiltily, and slink down on the our porch swing. You do not glance our way. I am relieved. I like you and all, but Max is getting a little attached to this purple jacket.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday: Max wears the purple jacket. When I ask him whose jacket it is, he says, "Max!" I shake my head. "No, Max, it's Teilo's jacket" I tell him. "MAX!" he says, triumphantly.

Tomorrow is going to be a week since Teilo left his jacket here. I fear Max may have a life of crime lying ahead of him if we do return the jacket to its rightful owner. We will make every attempt to walk the purple jacket (washed!) back to you tomorrow. Or on Monday. Or maybe next year.

I hope you'll be OK if Max wears it on the way to your house?

Your neighbor,



  1. Can't say that I blame him (not condoning his "crime" here), because that jacket is awfully cool. As a fellow purple obsessed person, I can see Max's point of view.

    If I were your neighbor, I'd be happy to indulge his purple obsession. Maybe it's good that I am not, as my mom would likely also but to the point of excess. Can anyone say 100 TOO MANY Silly bands?

  2. I think the jacket looks great on him! Before you know it, the weather will be warmer, and he won't want to wear it. Then you can return it!

  3. Maybe he can work out a trade? Does he have anything in Spongebob yellow that his little pal might like?

  4. Ellen, you have such a gift! Thank you for sharing it with the world. This confession letter was a hoot!
    I'm liking Felicia's suggestion of a trade perhaps... :)

  5. Adorable post, Ellen.

    I'm sure your neighbor will understand once you disclose the level of Max's purple love...

  6. That is a riot, Ellen! You better slow down or the next thing you know Max will be robbing a purple bank and you will be driving the getaway car!

  7. I think Max to needs to come to the UK for a visit. There are purple protests everywhere at the moment, the UK is turning purple!

    It is for electoral reform, proportional representation, not first past the post. Purple is the colour the suffragettes used when they wanted votes for women.

    Here are some links to very purple people pictures for Max.


  8. I love how you guys are so encouraging!!! I will just keep the jacket, and blame it all on you.

  9. :) We've done our fair share of "accidentally" keeping something. I can think of a pair of Pooh Bear undies that were just too cool to give back to my niece...

    (hands head in shame...)

  10. LOL. Just FYI, Eden's pink obsession is really start to mirror Max's purple passion.


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