Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My left knee is about to get very buff

So, it's official: The doctor called tonight to say I have a torn ACL (anterior cruciate ligament), one of the four major ligaments of the knee. This means I will probably never be a professional athlete, which is fine, since now I can focus on my dream of becoming a rock star and/or President of the United States and/or fudge taste tester.

My knee doesn't hurt much unless I move it the wrong way or Sabrina jumps on it. I'm supposed to go to physical therapy which is fine, too, because I am going to have the most buff, in-shape left knee of anyone. And you thought it looked so svelte in the x-ray—just you wait and see how sexy my knee is going to be!

Perhaps you have guessed that I am not really fazed by this whole knee thing. Maybe it's because after those two weeks of NICU hell when Max was born, any health glitch (especially my own) seems like a mere nuisance. Maybe this is just typical of most moms—I don't have time to throw my knee a pity party. Honestly, my only real concern is carrying Max down (and sometimes up) the staircase in our home; I need two steady knees for that. So far, so good.

My friend Hedy says having a torn ACL is a badge of honor, because it's a common sports injury. I just Googled it, and apparently, I am in excellent company as World Wrestling Entertainment diva Melina suffered the same exact injury the other week, a woman described as being "just as dangerous as she is beautiful," which is what people say about me all the time. Another coincidence: Her "signature ring entrance" is a "sexy split." Which is so funny, because that is exactly what I do whenever I take the kids to their friends' birthday parties.

And we look alike, too!

Anyhoo, if you know someone who is not Melina who has survived an ACL tear (and, bonus, has gone on to be a rock star, POTUS or fudge taste tester), let me know.

Oh, and belated thanks to Lynn from the very entertaining blog Midday Escapades for the nice words about this blog, and to all of you who have been e-mailing me. Me and my left knee much appreciate it.


  1. So sorry to hear about your knee, but optimism is always the key! Good for you! How long will you be in physical therapy? I bet Max could sympathize with you there! I know I can!

  2. Sending good, healing vibes to your left knee, rock star.

  3. CRAP! So do you think you can convince Max's therapist to give you a twofer? I would say you definatly deserve it! Hope you can recover quickly.

  4. Thanks for my morning smile! You must really impress the other moms with those splits! :)

  5. My cousin has, at least I think that was it, he's in the Navy. He's no rock star but he's still cool, and I think he wishes he could be a rock star. You two can start a support group.

  6. I feel that pain too... broke my right foot runnin g just before Thanksgiving. Oy. NO fun. :(

    Who has time to be injured?? As if 'me' time wasn't a rare enough commodity, now I have to spend it laid up and trying to figure out how to carry AJ around. Whee. :)

  7. I guess you'll have to just tell jokes from now on when you enter birthday parties! Should work -- oh hilarious one!!!!

    I guess hubby will have to do the Max "stair carry" for awhile.

    Good thoughts comin at ya lady! Feel better soon.

  8. Hope that knee heals quickly!

    A year ago, I slipped in the icy parking lot of work and landed right on my big fat hip--I was lucky and just got a bad, bad bruise, but I would be SO screwed if I had a bad knee injury! I don't think they'd be too thrilled leaving me on the counter and register for all the time it took to heal...!! Anyway, that was a lesson to me--I toughed it out, but now I do watch where I step, especially in winter! I don't have to watch where I ski, because I don't do that anymore--and tubing is something you can do sitting down (hee hee).

    I sure wish I looked like that Melina--some mornings, I look in the mirror and I think I look like a wrestler, too--unfortunately, I sometimes think I see Hulk Hogan in his dotage looking back at me!

  9. I dated two different guys who had torn their ACLs--one basketball, one soccer. Be REALLY dilligent about your PT because if you don't get enough, you could end up with a funny gait. The differce between the two boys was rather pronounced and apparently one was told that his lousy PT coverage was probably to blame. Other than that, both were fine/are fine and had no noticable issues other than a surgery scar.

    Funny--I couldn't decide whether to use "limp" or "gait." Gait isn't a word I even knew before Charlie.

  10. tons of friends in K-town have had this injury, ski bums all. How your friend Hedy knows ANYTHING about a sports injury (if Bernie Williams never had it) is beyond me!


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