Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Caution: Parenting may be hazardous to your brain

The scene: Cold Stone Creamery. It was on the warm side today, and the kids were craving ice-cream. I like taking them here because this stuff doesn't tempt me; Haagen-Dazs is my poison.

The kids point out what they want. "Oooh, pink!" says Sabrina. "Ur-ul!" says Max [translation: purple].

Me to ice-cream counter guy: "They'll have one scoop of purple and one scoop of pink."

He stares at me quizzically.

Me: "You know, the purple [I point] and the pink [I point]."

Ice-cream guy: "You mean the blueberry frozen yogurt and the watermelon sorbet?"

Me, sheepishly: "Um, yeah."


  1. Oooh, I want the white one with brown chunks! Okay, good thing I'm not ordering my favorite in colors (cookies and cream) just sounds gross. ;)

  2. That guy serving you can't have children or he would never have asked for clarification lol. You have never mentioned, what is your own favourite colour? :)Jen.

  3. Ooooh you're an ice cream scooper you sure are high and mighty. Good job making sure you educate the unsophisticated masses on the intricacies of fine dining at an ice cream parlor!!


  4. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, Ellen, you are always making us hungry! Yeah, I get that way to..

  5. Alexandra says:

    What happens to me is that I get so used to saying things the way the kids say them, that their way no longer sounds strange to me.

    Case in point: years ago, when the movie Madagascar first came out, and my kids had been so anxiously awaiting it's arrival in theaters. As soon as I saw it hit our town, I called to verify the times playing, just to be extra sure.

    The kids had been talking of "madame gasket" for months, so ...and you see this coming don't you? So, by now, I'm used to calling the movie "madame gasket." So, I call the theatre and get the poor young kid working that day and ask, "what times are you playing Madame Gasket?????"

    " mean "Madagascar, Maam?" mean. "Madagascar."


  6. That was so cute!
    Could totally picture the scene ;)

    Found you in my travels today. So glad I stopped by, and had a look around your blog!
    What a great mom you are, and what an amazing little man you have there!
    I look forward to following along;)

  7. If it makes you feel any better I once snapped at a house mate by saying, "Do you have your listening ears on? If you do I suggest you turn up the volume."

    Um, yeah. It's a little hard to get out of kidland even if it's just your job.

  8. LOL!!!!!!! Oh yeah, I know those moments. "I want some of that frozen, sort of pink, milky stuff that you can put in a bowl"


    "Yeah, that."

  9. The guy working at the place sounds very snobby. He cannot allow customers to refer to the ice creams by their colors. There is a reputation to uphold!

  10. I bought myself brain-games for Christmas but can't find time to play ... Or even figure out how to play...

  11. Poor guy behind the counter was probably color blind! He might not know pink from orange or purple blue from yellow, with confidence, anyway!

  12. Gosh, no one's every ordered by color?? What kind of place is he running? My kids don't even know flavors, but they know exactly what "purple" tastes like!


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