Thursday, December 24, 2009

Our kids' special powers

It started with purple, Max's new favorite color in the whole wide world. He assembled a bag of purple treasures.

Soon, our house was decked out in purple...

...down to the kitchen sponge.

Max now has three purple cars, two purple shirts, one pair of purple socks, one purple hat, one purple snow coaster and a purple partridge in a pear tree (OK, not really, unless we can track one down on ebay).

Lately, something funny's been happening. People around Max are getting sucked into his purple spell.

Our babysitter, Linette, and Max's occupational therapist, Nafeesa, started wearing purple tops.

Belle, a sweet teenager who reads this blog, saw this tree and snapped a photo because it reminded her of Max.

His teacher made him a purple horse.

[I bought purple underwear, but you'll just have to use your imagination.]

Another reader, Anji, excitedly informed me about The Purple Storean entire store filled with purple stuff.

My friend Lauren came to visit and surrendered her purple sweater.

And reader Kate wrote to tell me that if I had another girl, I should name her Violet.

In a recent post a parent wrote that her child, like Max, has "special powers," and the words have stuck with me ever since. Our kids really do have special powers—powers to overcome physical difficulties, powers to change people's perceptions of kids with special needs, powers to spark people's excitement with their own excitement.

Whatever challenges our kids may face, their spirit shines through.


  1. I just want to say AMEN to that!

    I love that everyone is jumping on the purple bandwagon. I do have a purple purse and a purple scarf. My absolute favorite color is blue, but lately I have been drawn to purple a LOT. Maybe it is Max's influence. : )

  2. too cute!

    We will make sure not to sing the "one eyed one horned flying purple people eater" song!

  3. Max is the cutest. Luca also has a fixation with purple, he adores it. He has always loved purple blankets and prefers to draw with purple markers. For about a year, he wore the same purple shirt every single day (I had five of them). Now he is a bit more flexible, but purple remains his favorite. Love it!

  4. The pediatric stroke awareness ribbon is also purple. Max, you are such a character. Remember that real men wear purple!

  5. Purple is AWESOME. My girl picked out a purple coat and purple purse to go along with her purple playroom, but Max is the KING of PURPLE.

  6. that post brought tears to my eyes!!! I am a purple lover myself and I feel like I should finally buy those purple boots I've been eying! Reminds of harold in the purple crayon

  7. I too Love purple. I did not know there is a whole purple Store! Awesome!

  8. Too cool....ya know, you can even buy a purple Christmas tree!!!

  9. I LOVE the color purple too. I am a lurker :) and have been reading your blog for a while now. I also have a 6 YO daughter with CP and I think you nailed it on the head. She has special powers too! Thanks for a wonderful post. You brought tears to my eyes today to help me remember that she is a special little girl with her own special powers.

  10. i used to love purple when i was younger

  11. As a Ravens fan...I say BRING ON MORE PURPLE.

    And black.


  12. Ha! I have a Violet and her favorite color is.. PINK!!

  13. Merry Christmas, Max the purple monster! Faith can be your green conterpart, as she has recently begun a love affair with green! COLORFUL!

  14. Too too true. I feel the same way about Charlie. People just can resist his unabashed joy at certain things.

  15. What a wonderful post. It is neat to see how our kiddos have the power to rally people behind them. Max is wonderful at that (with help from an amazing Mom!) I really hope that this means Max will be a Vikings fan! We can always use more people rooting for them!

  16. wow, got goosebumps from this posts. max makes me smile and laugh with joy :)


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