Saturday, December 19, 2009

First snow, plus the winners of the Nivea, Eucerin & Aquaphor gift baskets

Congrats to Mary and AshleyOhio for each winning an amazing basket of Nivea, Eucerin and Aquaphor. I wish you soft, silky skin all winter long.

Shout out to Anonymous, who wrote the following and should seriously consider a career in advertising:

Oh the weather outside is frightful..
Some NIVEA and EUCERIN would be delightful...
As long as my skin is around the snow
Nivea and Eucerin will make it glow, make it glow, make it glow...

You can still enter to win:

• A box of Arhaus candles (3 winners)

A hand-crafted box of Mighty Leaf Tea (2 winners)

• A box of premium pears from The Fruit Company and USA Pears (2 winners)

It is seriously gray outside my window as I type this, we're due for a major snowstorm—as much as twenty inches. Excitement! Dave and I went to Target last night and got the kids some snow saucers. And can you guess what color they came in and why Max is going to be out of his head with excitement?

Here's a hint for those of you not yet familiar with Max's obsession.


Too-cute photograph with too-cute baby by Shutterblog


  1. thanks so much for a great giveaway!

  2. We're expecting like a foot tonight! I'm preparing to get stuck at work for the night...

  3. We have a purple plastic sled that's quite the racer in hard icy snow, and an orange plastic toboggan that sits three or four, and we have a couple of pink saucers that are made of something that's not like the plastic of today, I'm not really sure what it is, but it wears well-- I'm amazed they haven't cracked and broken yet (they're pretty old--we used them as kids). They're heavy to haul up a hill, but they can zip along!

    The only thing I hate about snow is getting to work in bad weather. Oh, well. It's a trade-off!

  4. SNOW...what's that? We live in the lower regions of the Blue Rdg Mts and we also almost never see it. It's a geographical odity! Everyone all around us gets it but not us! Carl is heartbroken as we were almost promised it, yesterday, but NO! That's fine with me, though!

  5. Hooray for snow -- I love, love, love it!!!


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