Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Max and Sabrina sing Spongebob Squarepants

I just found this on the Flip, recorded by Max's music therapist. Let's just say I'm not the biggest Spongebob fan, but there is something to be said about shouting "SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!" at the top of your lungs. I am going to try that next time I have a crappy day. Although I'd probably wait till I get home to do it.

And, yes, Max has got rhythm!


  1. They are cute, for sure! Watch out American Idol:)

  2. Hahahaha! Sounds familiar! I am OK with SpongeBob, he's rather benign in the cartoon world. My new fave is Phineas and Ferb. In any case, whatever gets your Max singing along can't be all that bad!!

  3. That was great. I love the big finish.

  4. Very, very cute Max and Sabrina video!! I'm not a fan of SBSP, either - but oh that song is catchy! I like to change the lyrics and sing it(shout it) while the kids are the in tub:

    "Ooooh, who's sticky and stinky and super dirt-y? VIOLET AND EMMETT!!!"

    Um. Yeah. You get the idea.

  5. We overdose on Spongebob, too! I hate to admit that I kinda like the guy--he's kind, and that's a good lesson to teach the little ones.

    Max does have rhythm--he's doing a great job, there, and having fun, too. And Sabrina! She's got a future as an opera singer if she wants one--she can project with control and power!

  6. Oh, Ellen, I absolutely LOVE your kids! I'm not much of a Spongebob fan myself, but Sabrina and Max's enthusiasm makes it great! =)


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