Friday, August 28, 2009

Random sighting: man walking a duck

Since I have filled the blog this week with lightweight fluff, given Max's stem cell infusion and all, I thought it was time for a deep, meaningful post.

There we were in Raleigh's beautiful Sarah Duke Gardens. Max was having a blast doing meet-and-greets with various dogs. And then, in the distance, I spotted them.

No, I thought. That man could not possibly be walking a DUCK.

But, yes, he was.

Max dashed right up to them; six-year-olds are fantastic ice-breakers.

Me (at a loss for saying anything remotely intelligent): "Is that your pet?"

Duck guy: "Yes!"

Me (still at a loss for saying something intelligent): "Is it common for people here to have pet ducks?"

Duck guy, shrugging sheepishly: "No, it's pretty rare."

Me: "How long have you had him?"

Duck guy: "Since he was two weeks old, he's six now."

"Wow!" I said. I was so dumbfounded that I forgot to even ask the duck's name.

As soon as we walked (and they waddled) away, a whole lot of other questions occurred to me, like: What do you feed a pet duck? Can you teach a duck to roll over and play dead? Why did he have that duck on a leash, anyway? They don't walk very fast. Can you cuddle with a pet duck at night? Will one fetch your slippers? Lick your hand? Do you even want your pet duck to lick your hand?

If any of you happen to be sitting on your couch reading this with your pet duck by your side and have answers, by all means, share. And if this post has inexplicably inspired you to get a duck of your very own, check out The Pet Duck & Goose Association, which contains such helpful information as: "Bird droppings are pretty messy and to allow your duck to walk around your house a diaper is most likely a must for you."


  1. That's as much of a commitment as a dog, almost--they can live to be more than twelve years old!

    Max is so cute, running right up to check out the duck!

  2. My roommate in college had ducks for a month until we told her either they would have to leave the apartment or she was going to have to find new roommates. We took them to the pond in front of her boyfriend's frat house. They really are terrible pets!

  3. At one of our little league games, an out of town family brought their pet rabbit on a leash... Kids where out side down at the lower part of the field petting it... :-)

  4. I ride my bike on a trail every day and LOVE the ducks. I also love looking around you in life and seeing strange things! Once on my trail I saw people walking their cat on a leash and of course all the people excercising each day are interesting too!

  5. Nice story, and what a cute picture of Max petting the duck. But, then again, every picture of Max is cute!!!

  6. That's awesome, especially the photo of Max petting the duck.

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  8. My grandfather used to have two pet geese. He didn't walk them, but he treated them like any other pet! I remember Grandpa lying in his hammock with both geese lying on his chest just like a cat would! But they hated my grandma! They used to chase her all over the place. I don't remember how long he had them, but I remember they wandered off once (and were later returned). He was as devastated as someone with a beloved pet dog or cat would be if their pet disappeared!

  9. Thats so lovely. I had a beloved pet duck called ploppo. He went everywhere with me and loved me as much as I loved him. Sadly he passed away in june, I miss him everyday. Check out ploppo the duck that thinks hes a dog ( sunday times newspaper ) miss you ploppo x


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