Saturday, August 22, 2009

A butterfly sign?

Hi, all. We are having a great time at Hersheypark, going on rides, floating down the Lazy River in oversize tubes and feasting on, you guessed it, chocolate. While we're away our home is being carefully guarded by...butterflies. Yes, in the last week or so we have spotted a bunch hanging out around the butterfly bush in our backyard. Remember the Butterfly Garden kit we got? I am pretty sure it's those guys.

I am not one of those people who's into palm-reading or horoscopes or ESP or anything like that—I am a pretty B.S.-free person—but part of me keeps wondering whether the butterflies are some sort of sign that Max's stem cell therapy is going to do something for him.

Then again, maybe they're just homesick butterflies.


  1. I don't rule out anything, and I'm not terribly spiritual or a churchgoer, either. I'm just someone who doesn't know a damn thing and won't pretend I do.

    My little ones sometimes tell me that Daddy comes to visit them in their dreams. I don't know if it's wishful thinking or something "woo woo" going on...but if it helps them cope it's all good.

    I am pulling for your complete success at Duke. My hopes are high for you, and I'll be thinking of you on the day. Go Max! Win, Max!

    Eat some chocolate for me!

  2. I saw a butterfly in a very similar position (just like your pic) in my neighbor's garden yesterday. I remember thinking to myself that I've been seeing more butterflies around lately -it must be a sign! I have a good feeling about Max's therapy and am so hopeful that it will be a success.

  3. I am a total BS person. 100% and proud. Trust me, those butterflies are a total sign. Gavin experienced a miracle when his hearing was restored. It's Max's turn now.
    Much love xoxoxo

  4. Hey, it's possible that the butterflies are a sign of things to come! I'm with you on not being into psychic readings or ESP. Still, my MIL uses a metaphor about how out of rain comes rainbows whenever something bad happens (it was the "theme," if you will, at my FIL's one - year memorial). After one particularly bad day that consisted of dragging Daniel to doctor appointments where I heard things that left me feeling defeated, I broke down in tears on the way home. It had been raining and stopped just as we got stuck in heavy traffic. I looked up at the sky and there was a huge rainbow. I pretty much brushed it off, but I had to wonder. The odd thing is it's happened three more times since then, all when I was having an especially difficult time with Daniel.
    Maybe it's just a coincidence that I saw rainbows on difficult days, perhaps you simply have some very sweet flowers growing in your backyard that are attracting the butterflies. Then again, you never know...
    Again, I am so looking forward to hearing how Max does with his stem cell therapy. Keeping you guys in my thoughts.

  5. My grandmother loved butterflies, had butterfly everything! Whenever I see them lurking around us whether we are home or out and about I can't help but think that it's my grandma, following us around!

    I have taken a liking to ladybugs- on the day I was being discharged from the hospital without my baby and everything was "up in the air" as far as what was wrong w/Noah- I noticed a lone ladybug on a plant someone had given me. I didn't say anything to anyone but took it as a sign that everything would be ok. A few months later my mother mentioned the ladybug, she had seen it too and also took it as a comforting sign.

    You never know!

  6. You know, those butterflies weren't always butterflies. They stayed in a cocoon for a while and came out a new creature. Pretty life-changing wouldn't you say?

    Good luck to you this next week. And eat some chocolate for us too!

  7. When I was pregnant with Emmett and we were told that his situation was so dire, I prayed to...everything. We have these coasters from Ireland that someone gave us, with my husband's last name and family crest on them. The family crest has a large stag on it, among other things. I remember staring at one and thinking about Sean's grandfather who came here from Ireland. I said out loud to him, "This is going to be your great grandson! DO SOMETHING!" [Yes, I was praying to a coaster. Those were some dark days.]

    That night, my husband saw a GIANT buck in our yard, staring into our kitchen window! After that, we started seeing deer everywhere. And Emmett wasn't nearly as damaged as the doctors had predicted. Coincidence? Probably. Still, whenever I see a deer, I think it's Emmett's great grandfather letting us know he's keeping watch over him.

    Hang on to your butterflies.

  8. I had to come back to tell you that shortly after I wrote my previous comment, I headed out to my driveway to retrieve something from my husband's car. Standing in our side yard were a doe and her fawn! What timing.


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