Saturday, April 4, 2009

Octo-mom nation

We were at Target today, and octo-mom Nadya Suleman was the main theme of the magazines at the checkout counter. One had an article about how the nannies she'd gotten through Angels in Waiting were saying she was never there for her babies and that she just liked to shop. Another featured recent photos of her with a few babies. Another had a piece on her bringing home the seventh octuplet from the hospital.

Every single time I read something about her, it gets to me. It's hard to cough up anything but contempt for a woman who chose to have all those embryos implanted in her, but I feel for her babies. Who have real possibilities of having developmental issues because they were born so prematurely.

Did nobody tell her that was a risk? Or did she not listen?


  1. I try not to even think of this situation anymore because its so difficult. However, as a Mom who once brought home very premature twins from the hospital I don't see how she has time to do photo shoots. I tell myself its because mine were on oxygen that I look so exhausted in my photos! I think I'm too logical because I wonder how will she go for all the follow up vists to the Doctor, OT, PT, Speech or what about IEP's????

  2. This woman grates on my nerves--I have to pretend she doesn't exist. I soooo feel for those babies and their futures!!

  3. I agree.......I try NOT to think about her either.....because when I let myself I end up thinking about the 3 babies I lost before Corey......and how it is so not fair for her to have that many......and I fall into a pity party for me!

  4. Something tells me at least one person told her the risks. Something also tells me she chose not to listen. One of her children is autistic & at least one other has autistic features (from what I've read). I don't worry about the 8 babies as much as I think about the other kids. (If I think about her at all) Will they get what they need, even though they're not as "famous"?

  5. I doubt that she would have listened to anyone other than the voices in her own head. I think she's a straight out nutcase.

  6. I don't scoff at anyone who has an issue with her. I understand it. I see it. I wouldn't have done it if I were her...I don't think. But, I haven't walked in her shoes; I haven't lived her life; I don't have her issues.

    I think I'm one of the minority that says...whatever. At this point, it doesn't matter what she thought or didn't think, what someone did or did not explain to her.

    Those children are here and deserve to be loved. They deserve love, normalcy of living, services that we all know some will need. They deserve attention, understanding, support, guidance and gentle arms to hold them.

    That's what matters.

  7. Well said, Mia. You articulated the way I feel about it beautifully. I don't really have anything to add on this one.


  8. I also worry about the futures the kids will have, how on earth is she going to provide them all with enough love and attention? I know people with four kids who have trouble giving them all enough time!

  9. i also had premmie twins but i was not stresed or tired. i don't sleep much anyway. maybe that is the difference. i remember being very happy that they came out ok and that i could move forward with my life after wanting kids for such a long time. i never think about what happened before i finally fell pregnant. that was just a bad dream. until you have parenthood denied you for whatever reason you cannot understand the depth of the desire and although i doubt that i would have gone for 14 i have to admit i have some embryos frozen that i cannot destroy.

    i think there is too much venom which cannot be good for those that are projecting it.

    i am sorry that you have these emotions shari, this is your bad luck and you have to learn to deal with it. nadya is not the cause of your pain, remember that.

    i wish that i lived locally to nadya to help her out with the babies. i read that some other parents of high order multiples took a lot of free help from the local community.

    my concern is why aiw was canvassing for funds to pay their wages? since they only lasted 5 days what is going to happen to all the money raised?

    i lot of people may not care for nadya but care for the babies and it seems sensible to offer to help with their care. if you help of course it is important to remember that she is the mother and her way goes in her household.

    i imagine at this time there are a lot of demands on her attention. there are the paparazzi that follow her, the letters and emails that are in the hundreds of thousands according to her ex publicist. she would have to always be thinking how to maximise this situation so that she can afford to look after her kids. i do not think it is so bad that she takes any sort of decent deal. plenty of other parents of multiples manage with these deals.

  10. Anonymous, to be fair, Shari was sharing that Nadya conjurs up bad memories for her. That is completely understandable, given what Shari has been through. Shari, I was sorry to hear about that.

    I don't feel "venom" toward Nadya, though yes, there are people who do. I just remain perplexed about the why of it all. I also don't fault her for accepting deals to help her pay for everything, although I can't help but wonder whether the money-making possibilities were the back of her head all along. But like I said, and as Mia further beautifully expressed, we all have deep concerns over the children. Let's just hope their mother is able to get the good help they will very much need, and that her children do not suffer as the result of her decision.

  11. Nadya,Naya the wacked out Octo mom has done it ? From the start she has manipulated,lied,defrauded the govt,(which I bet she has NEVER paid her student loans off)taken advanyage of people,cheated people of their chairtable nature.This woman has done"ALL of this to finance her dreams of being the "OLD LADY IN THE SHOE story to actual reality ,and creating a career off the backs of children.These children needed some one to protect them from their unstable publicity hound of a mother,but got DR>Don't reward Bad behavior PHIL to help her keep these children enslaved to her desires,moralless,unscrouplous,immature,with as much virtue as a pregant snail,yeah I know but the babies,you have already acceppted the premise that she 's a good mother,therefore you have already condemmed theses children to a life time of unhappiness,pain and abuse.Everything that she has done shows she is not a rational,or a stable person,but you all have decided to let this go just like they are doing with Obama's C.O.L.B. as a Brith ceritifcate.God Help US ALL?

  12. I'll be honest - I've been checking this post and waiting for some of the comments to get a bit nasty towards people who seek treatment for infertility. I'm glad it hasn't. This woman is an exceptional case and obviously she has some issues. Mia's comment said it perfectly and I too have nothing to add.

  13. As a mom to a child with CP, I totally get your sentiments, and totally agree. No one who has gone through this would ever willfully risk this for their child. Thanks for trying, at least, to educate others!

  14. I'm with you, Ellen. I can't help but feel a bit irked when I think about Nadya Suleman. I was very careful to do everything "right" during my pregnancy, and my child still had a stroke. Why anyone would knowingly do something so risky is beyond me. I sometimes get worn out managing one child's therapy and doctor appointments - how is she going to single - handedly handle the needs of eight? She's already demonstrated an inability to provide for her children on her own. I wish her and her children all the best, but I don't think things look good for them.

  15. All that i have to say about her is that she had 8 babies in the NICU & she went to get her nails done. WTF? First of all, why are you at the hospital or tending to your 6 other little ones. Second, you are bringing bacteria to those little immune compromised babies by getting your nails done.

    Anything else about her I try to ignore. I keep hoping she will go away. She is a mockery of fertility issues.


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