Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sablog (a "blog" by Sabrina, age 4)

So, do you want to talk to everyone today?

Sabrina: "Yeah!"

OK, let's talk about Max.

Sabrina: "I, um, I put stickers on the wall for Max and, um...HEY! It says M-A-X! Max!"

Right! That's how you spell Max. Very good.

Sabrina: "I like to play with Max but, but, Max always plays with me."

And what do you play?

Sabrina: "Princess dolls. And the Ariel one."

And does Max play baseball?

Sabrina: "Yeah, and I wanna play baseball, too."

Isn't Max good at baseball?

Sabrina: "Yeah! Spell my name, cause I'm talking about my dolls."

OK, here's your name: S A B R I N A. Let's go back to talking about Max. What's so cute about Max?

Sabrina: "Hey! Where's my name?"

I just showed it to you.

Sabrina: "Oh."

OK, let's talk about you! What's your favorite color?

Sabrina: "Dark pink. And dark purple."

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Sabrina: "A mommy. But what are you going to be, then?"

I'll still be a mommy.

Sabrina: "So there will be two mommies?"

Yes, sweetie. And what will Max be when he grows up?

Sabrina: "He will be a daddy like my daddy."

That sounds good. So, tell me about Max again.

Sabrina: "Um, I put stickers on the wall."

What kind of stickers?

Sabrina: "Cars stickers! And I play with my Belle doll."

Why did you put stickers on Max's wall?

Sabrina: "Because I wanted to and Max loved it."

Do you and Max ever fight?

Sabrina: "No."

Is that true?

Sabrina: "No."

How much do you love Max?

Sabrina: "This much!"

Are you a good sister?

Sabrina: "Yeah."


Sabrina: "Because I like to be a good sister. I like to play with my Ariel doll. That's all of them! I'm getting tired of this! I'm doing this for a lot!"

OK! You're a great little sister.


  1. Do you and Max ever fight?

    Sabrina: "No."

    Is that true?

    Sabrina: "No."

    I just LOVE these "universal truths!"

    That exchange could have happened here, too!!!!

  2. Yes, they do fight, but, in the end, they love each other. Notice how Sabrina keeps going back to the subject of her dolls, especially Ariel. It is her whole world!!! How adorable!!!

  3. That is so cute! Think i may ask my little one a few questions and see what answers he comes up with!

  4. Out of the mouths of babes, right? I have a sneaky suspician that Sabrina is, in fact, a fantastic little sis! Max is very lucky to have someone who puts stickers on the wall for him.

  5. I love Sabrina's interview it is just so focused on her dolls no matter what you ask. By the way I tagged you with a meme on my site, Enjoy!

  6. That is so sweet.
    Sabrina, I bet you are a great little sister and Max loves you lots.


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