Thursday, March 5, 2009

What makes you happy? Really, really happy?

Thanks so much for the feel-well wishes—they worked! I have no fodder for Primal Scream Friday this week as I am generally ebullient that I didn't come down with anything major, just a minor case of the sniffles.

When I really think about it (sitting around and thinking: such a rarity), life is pretty sweet for the most part. I just don't appreciate it because I get buried under an avalanche of concerns. I have ever-present anxiety about Max's future. I get sucked into the can-I-get-it-all-done daily hustle. I wonder whether the recession monster is going to show up at our door one of these days. So I forget that things are, overall, OK. Max is doing well for himself. So far, we're holding our own in these crazy economic times. Maybe some days are eh and maybe they're crappy but, on average, they're good.

Some stuff that always gives me that life-is-good feeling:

• Max's giggle
• Conversations with Sabrina about how her day went
• Dave hugs
• Road trips anywhere
• Settling down with a book or a stack of magazines
• Weekend visits from my mom and sister
• Flowery or citrusy shower gel. Seriously, it's like crack for me.
• Looking at photos of the kids
• Saturday night sushi-and-movie outings with Dave
• Hearing about progress, any progress, Max is making
• The Gypsy Kings
• Unexpected calls from old friends
• Fruity cocktails with cheesy-but-nonetheless-endearing little paper umbrellas (definitely need more of those in my life and, come to think of it, would it be wrong to stick them in the kids' juice boxes?)
• Having the house to myself
• When Sabrina and Max are in a new place and Sabrina puts an arm, protectively, around Max's shoulders
• Our bed comforter. I love that thing.

What's on your bliss list?

Photo by Juli Shannon


  1. Gosh, I would have to say the giggles too are among my favorite.
    Or when he snuggles into my and curls up, and does this long sigh like "it took you long enough to figure out what I wanted!"
    all of my children being happy
    my hubby giving me a kiss hello when he comes home from work and then running in to see Daniel.
    That I was blessed to have a wonderful family, and they all look after one another.

  2. A good cup of tea. A new book. A cat on my lap. Phone calls from friends and family. Walking through the woods just after a rainstorm. A long, uninterrupted bath.

    Catching my husband watching me with a smile on his face. Seeing him and our son play together.

    The look on our son's face when he sees me in the morning. His infectious, bicycle-horn laugh. Him falling asleep in my arms.

    Waking up every morning and knowing I have another day to spend with both of them. Falling asleep each night to the gentle sounds of their breathing, knowing tomorrow we'll wake up and do it all again.


  3. - Being a Mom.
    - Being Ed's wife. Even on a bad day.
    - A clean, un-cluttered kitchen island.
    - Taking pictures.
    - Writing on the CaringBridge eery day.
    - Hanging out with my parents, brothers & sisters and their kids.
    I purposefully stayed away yesterday because I thought the mere mention of us NOT getting sick meant that we WOULD. That would make us most UNhappy!! ;-)


  4. Moo's laugh. it can take you away from the worst moods into a place where you can't help but laugh too. And cuddles. Love cuddles.

  5. When we (the parents) are feeling down or tired or whatever, we ask the son to come and "give us some energy", which means that he'll come over and give a HUGE BIG LONG hug and cuddle. There's nothing better!

    Also, my son's laugh when he's being tickled is just swell. :o)

  6. Aside from my babies (and no matter how big they get they will always be my babies), let's see:

    --A long, hot bath! I can almost never carve out time for one but I do love that!!

    --My MOMMA! When I see her car pull into the driveway, and know that she's here to give me a hand, particularly on days when I just have so much to do and no energy to do it, why, I can't tell you how overjoyed that makes me! Even when I'm a crabapple she still loves me, and she never gets too mad, even when I snap at her because I'm exhausted or frustrated. I am SO lucky to have her. She really is a loving saint!

    --My DADDY! When he comes over with his big red truck (with the snowplow on it when it's snowing, and the snowthrower in the back) I know I'm going to be able to get out of the driveway if the kids need anything! He also has a big red toolbox and he knows how to do things like fix busted toilets, leaky faucets, and frozen locks! And he just loves on the boys--and they love him too. It's nice that they have a man to look up to, who will set a good example for them.

    I just couldn't do without the love and care of my parents and my siblings, too, oh, and I don't want to forget my granny either--we are a close-knit bunch and if I didn't have them I wouldn't have it half as good as I do now. I don't know how I'd shop for food and essentials, pick up meds, do errands, go to doctor's appointments and PT, and just have the occasional "mental health day" if it weren't for them. And the kids love them, so it's never a problem for me to leave. My husband's family tries to help out some, but to be honest it is so sporadic and insincere I almost wish they just wouldn't bother, because I get the sense that they want to "get it over with" when they come to see Buster. I think they're a bit disappointed that this grandchild isn't "perfect" like the other ones, and since their son is dead, they don't feel the need to connect with him so much and they don't like to be reminded about losing him. Or maybe they don't like the fact that my baby looks so much like their son, except his left side doesn't work quite so good. I don't know. I don't know what's in their head.

    But anyway, enough about them. This is about what makes me happy!! Yeah, hot baths and family. Peach pie and ice cream!!

    If you have the love of family and a place to live and enough to eat, and you're healthy, why, you are rich as can be!

  7. It really depends on the day for me. Lately it's been looking for the funny in the unfunny, like sleep being my hobby. (actually I've always enjoyed this, but I seem to have taken it to a new level lately) Most people don't like it but hey, can't make people happy all the time.

  8. My husband, spending time with handsome Max and beautiful Sabrina, seeing Max giggle and be happy, cute dogs, babies with chubby cheeks, getting free samples, chocolate, a good cup of coffee, eggplant parmesan, scented candles, perfume, being able to stay at home on a snowy or rainy day, finding a pair of jeans that fit well.

  9. I am right with you on the shower gel! I had a total fave when living in the UK - it was lime and coconut milk and I've still yet to find one that I love as much here...

    Cuddles, cuddles, cuddles. Can't get enough.

    Swimming laps. Nothing clears my mind and makes me feel ready to face whatever comes next better. Bliss.

    Sitting in a cafe with a weekend newspaper, a good cup of coffee and nowhere to go in a hurry.

    AND watching my boys sleep. I could do that for hours.

  10. Beautiful picture of the kids.
    The happys:
    -The color purple
    -That first cup of coffee- even though its decaf
    -Belly laughs
    -ice cream

  11. -baths
    -new magazines
    -Netflix in the mailbox
    -Charlie's laugh
    -my ipod

  12. High quality bed linens, a duvet and a good book

    Road trips or any other kind of trip

    Good food - especially with cheese

  13. Gabriella's laugh, hugs, new way she says Mommy and Daddy and the way she sings ALL the time (twinkle twinkle little star is my favorite)

    Archipalego Pomegranite body wash and hand lotion..i'm addicted to it.

    Notes from my husband that he leaves in the mornings when he leaves for work

    Tea and a good book

    Thunderstorms and rainy days

    My Family and my little dog Jericho

    Walking in the forest and the smell of the beach

  14. - Getting the perfect sports portrait
    - Getting the perfect sports action shot
    - Teaching my students judo
    - My Camera (Nikon D3)
    - Spreading the word about disabled kids and sports
    - Telling stories from our friend Cole (!
    - Being a friend to any one, who needs a friend...

  15. *gasp* We LOVE Gypsy Kings!!
    I love our bedroom in the afternoon. It smells good and there's tons of sunlight.
    I love when I hear our kids playing together.
    I also love the smell of freshly bathed kids. I wonder if they realize how often I'm smelling them. I have a smell thing.
    AND I love post-bedtime talks with my husband, as they are so rare lately!


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