Saturday, March 21, 2009

A great response to Obama's Special Olympics remark

A couple of months ago, I discovered a wonderful blog—Class of 2008—by a girl named Sarah (here she is) and her mom. Sarah's response to Obama's remark about how his poor performance at a bowling match was "like the Special Olympics or something" is just fantastic; she even offered to share pointers with him. Read it for yourself!


  1. That's SO perfect Ellen!

    I am going to post the link following my recent blog post about this.

    What a star ;-).

  2. i just read her blog, and she is so profound! i hope this blog reaches the president so he realizes how his remarks affect people. i am not a fan of his to begin with, but respect his position..maybe not so much anymore.

  3. Well, I wanted Hillary Clinton but I settled for this guy. He has apologized so I'm going to give him ONE--as in ONE chance not to screw up again. Kinda like Sarah did!

    What a fantastic letter--she made her point times ten, and she didn't even have to be rude about it, either. Thanks for putting us on to it, Ellen.

    I hope he's sincere because he needs to do well in his job. We've got trouble here and all over the country. We don't need to get all tied up in a pissing contest over this particular disappointment.

    I'll tell ya--if he DID invite Sarah to the White House, that would go a long way towards putting this dustup to rest.

  4. I love it. What an articulate young woman, I hope Obama can read it. The Special Olympics is amazing my sister has been a competitor for years in swimming and rhythmic gymnastics and my mom is a coach. My sister and some of her teammates have traveled far and have won many medals. The dedication of the Olympians and the Coaches is huge. Watching my sister makes me so proud how she remembers all the steps is amazing. Elizabeth loves practicing with her and she is learning all the routines.


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