Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Morning Confessional: More "duh!" Mommy moments

I was on the phone with my friend Wendy this weekend, talking about Sabrina's upcoming birthday party. "I hate to tell you this, but you put the wrong date on the invite," she said. The party is Sunday the 25th. I wrote Sunday the 24th. Oops.

I bumped into a friend in town yesterday, and we were laughing about the mistake. She told me that when she sent out invites to her daughter's birthday party last month, she mailed a few envelopes without any invitations inside. Just empty envelopes.

Got a good "duh!" Mommy moment to share?

P.S. One day this week, I'd love to try a meme—a blogger (that would be me) comes up with a theme for a day, and anyone who's interested in participating does a post on her own blog related to it. Game to try it?

P.P.S. My other confession is that I had chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner this weekend. And I don't regret any of it.

P.P.P.S. Didn't get to see Slumdog Millionaire this weekend after all, and now everyone and their mother will be lining up to see it because it won all those Golden Globes. Damn.


  1. Hey! Came from Fraase place. I visited the other day but from my Roo's blog

    ROFL...that would SO happen to me! Both! Wrong date, no cards, take your pick!

    ps. I'm game just let me know the meme theme/rules/etc.

    pss. yea for guilt necessary for the chocolate!

  2. Too funny, Ellen, but definitely understandable! We've all had Mommy Brain at some point. At Christmas, I sent at least one Christmas card envelope without a card in it. I can only imagine our loved one's confusion when he/she got an empty envelope.

  3. My classic happens-three-times-a-week example: Get the baby all bundled up -- coat, hat, Bundle Me zipped, the works -- only to walk out the door into the freezing cold without a coat on myself.

    And then there was the time I made apple pie. Chopped six huge apples before I realized that -- whoops -- I hadn't peeled them. I know, hardly worth even posting about, but it was my mom's classic pie recipe, and when I called her to see if the pie would still turn out okay, she practically squealed, "You're a mom now," with such glee that I was almost proud of my peel-laden pie.

  4. I would love to do a themed day! That would be fun.

    And dear, don't EVER apologize for eating chocolate. I made dinner tonight and ate 3 rice crispy treats while I cooked. Why? Because every few weeks it just happens.

  5. i can't think of my own "duh" moment right now (not to say there aren't plenty of them!) but a friend recently called to tell me that she'd sent her husband to take her son to school, only to have her hubby call and ask why there was no one else there. it was spring break. and this was the 3rd time this year she'd made this mistake.

  6. I left you some love on my blog! It automatically cancels out all Duh! Mommy Moments

  7. When i was addressing my holiday cards i realized that i was missing several addresses. I wrote the names on the envelopes and left the addresses blank to fill in later. Well, i accidentally mailed all of them, even those without addresses. Luckily i had return address labels on so they came back to me.

  8. Stupidity enjoys company! Thanks, all.

  9. I could write a book.

    Like the time I sent a 4th birthday card to my 6 year old nephew. Oops.

    Or the time years ago I held a Halloween party but then forgot to tell a handful of guests that we needed to change the date, so they turned up at my (empty) house in full costume....

    OR the time I addressed a birthday package to myself, instead of my friend....

    Shall I go on???

    Meming sounds like fun, count me in!


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