Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I still need my Mom. Do you?

My mom stayed at our house till Tuesday morning. When she's here, everything in the world feels OK. She plays with the kids, feeds them, gushes on and on about how brilliant and cute they are. Sabrina inevitably says things to her like, "Babba, who colored on your legs in purple crayon?" (My mom has varicose veins.) And "You're old! If a monster comes to get you, will you be able to run?" And "Mommy is mean and tells me what to do!" Max loves to cuddle on the couch with her.

My mom is the most nurturing human being I know. When I left for work on Monday morning, she handed me $5. "Buy yourself some breakfast," she said. She'll make our bed while I'm in the shower. She'll clean up whatever mess. She'll prepare a bowl of strawberries for me. I don't ever ask her to do anything, she just does it.

Some days, I feel the weight of the responsibilities of bringing up a child with special needs. But when my Mom's around and looking after me, I remember that I'm someone's child, not just a mother. And it's comforting.

Even if she is always telling me I look better with a little lipstick on.


  1. Awwwww......what a sweet post.....I hope she'll come back soon!

  2. It sounds like you've been blessed with a wonderful mom, Ellen! The story about Sabrina asking if someone colored on her legs with a crayon made me laugh.
    On another note, I just noticed how much Sabrina looks like you - talk about a family resemblance!
    Hope you all have a great week.

  3. I love this post. There are so many women out there struggling with making family work who don't have their own mother's helping much less anyone else. There are many of us with special needs children who could use that help and have none.

    For myself, my mom (like yours) is in intricate part of what makes our family work. We could not function without her. I appreciate her every day!

  4. I wish my mom was like that, but I don't think she knows how to be. :(

  5. Ellen totally described our mom perfectly. No one will ever care about you the way a mother does. Max has been very lucky to have such a caring and wonderful "babba". He definitely derives a sense of comfort from her presence and the interaction between the two of them is something wonderful.

  6. What a sweet post! Unfortunately, not all mothers "get it" like your does.

  7. I have tears in my eyes, your mom is so sweet. I love my mom, too. She is so helpful when she can be here, unfortunately she lives half the country away from us!!

  8. To answer your question - YES! I'm so grateful to have both of my parents and so lucky that they just live down the street. Your mother sounds absolutely wonderful!!

    I'm late on this but I just wanted to mention that I loved you're post about what you wish you had known when Max was younger. I'll always regret that Bennett's 2nd year was taken from me. I've promised myself to spend more time enjoying him because like Max, he's incredibly delicious!

  9. I am 37 years old, a wife, a mom, and a professional, but yet I listen and value my moms opinion so much. Just knowing I can pick up the phone and call her is comforting! I always feel badly when someone loses a mother too soon, or when a mother is just clueless on parenting. Let's count our blessings today!!!!

    oh..i agree on how much sabrina resembles you. I always thought she looked like Dave until this photo:)

  10. Oh, I do not know what I would do without my mom. I can call her anytime with any problem. Today was a perfect example. I even pick up the phone to call her when her and my dad are on vacation. It makes me appreciate her so much more because I know someday she may not be there. Moms are great. I hope my kids feel the same way about me when they are older.

  11. I realize I'm lucky my mom is still around. Would you believe she is 79 and still so active?

    Sabrina has Dave's coloring but yes, she looks like me. She's also a more high-maintenance version of me!

  12. Oh Ellen, you're so lucky.

    It's nearly 20 years to the day since my mum passed away. I was just 17.

    I can't tell you how often I've wished her here to share in the wonders of my gorgeous boys. They would have loved her to bits.

    Mums are so special. I love hearing from others who are so blessed to have their mum nearby and supportive.

    Love the kids cute comments too!!

  13. That's so sweet! Appreciate her ... i lost my mom when I was 7 and I really need her now

  14. Yes mothers are wonderful! This is precisely why I moved in with my mom while my husband deploys for a year - I know she would be a wonderful support and help to me and the kids while he was gone! Amen for moms like ours :)

  15. seriously laughing over sabrina's questions/comments to your mom!!!


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