Friday, December 19, 2008

The blog diet (or, how I lost nine pounds doing this thing)

Really interesting comments yesterday on the post about doctors. I have been finding blogging very therapeutic; turns out it's also good for my waistline. I went for my annual today, and I have lost nine pounds since last year. I'm pretty sure I have blogging to thank for that. Used to be that I'd come home, put the kids to sleep, eat dinner, then keep snacking while I did work, watched TV or read. Now I have dinner (usually some frozen meal), do some work, grab a cup of water and hit my computer. Basic truth: You cannot simultaneously shovel food into your mouth and type or Web surf.

I still have baby weight to lose. After Max was born, I wasn't taking good care of myself—life was all about him, all the time. I didn't lose a bunch of pounds I gained from that pregnancy, then I had Sabrina two years later, kept on some of that padding and that's how it goes. I think the surprise nine-pound loss may be the kick in the butt I need to keep going. Actually, that's not my problem area, it's from my stomach up as you may recall from the post-baby-body post I did.

Yeah, I know, exercise is key. The best way to get it into my day is to walk to the train and then to work (about 20 or so minutes total) and do the same on the way home. Dave also just bought the Wii Fit system, which we plan on putting to good use. He created avatars (on-screen personas) for both of us. After we typed in our weight, both our avatars got rounder. That was sort of the last straw. Who wants a chubby avatar?

How about you—what are you doing to stay in shape? Or not doing?!


  1. Umm. I lost my baby weight and have since gained it back. I blame my new found, economy-driven desire not to waist any food and therefore have turned myself into my kid's trashcan for disgust of wasting food. I wish I had a wii. But, I have P90X DVDs that I'm going to start slowly doing. Our goal for next year is to get in shape...we'll see how THAT works.

    Chubby avatars...that's not nice.

  2. We just did the Wii Fit yesterday...I am considered overweight...Tony is obese. He found the baby weight I lost. Hopefully I can get him to keep doing Wii Fit with is FUN!

    If Dave is your workout partner, you should do fine. I am thinking of giving Tony a challenge...if he isn't up for it I will just make some shitty comment that I could kick his ass any day on the Wii and he will jump on board (literally!).

    I must be a good multi-tasker...I CAN eat and type at the same time!

  3. YOGA! I find it both helps keep me physically and emotionally healthy. Try it! I go to my local gym for it, so it's a little bit faster, and it's great!

    PS - you CAN type and eat :-) The work I do to lose weight is counteracted when I'm just chilling on my computer / typing and snacking.

  4. OMG..I have not lost ONE Pound since giving birth. In fact the NICU diet was best but after returning from the hospital until present.. I've put the lb's back days are consumed with Gabriella..I find it extremely hard to find a good balance but I know it's sooo important to give yourself the time to excercise..but despite "knowing" this I still struggle to balance. My body has remolded and shaped itself into this aweful blob. I too find myself eating Gabi's left over high fat meals (not off her plate haha but the extra dish I've made). I'm sure this with the lack of excercise has contributed to my lack of weight loss. And if anyone can please let me know how to excercise while looking after a toddler (besides running after him/her-please let me know...haha)

  5. Uhh I lost 100 lbs since last x-mas .. have started to gain back slowly. Hoping I get my mojo back soon.

  6. Me too... I have lost exactly 9 pounds in just under a year. I'm surprised at what a difference 9 pounds makes. Running is key for me... burns a lot of calories and is addicting too:)

  7. I am not much for running, but it really is a cheap, easy and efficient kind of exercise. Too snowy to try now, though. Going to stick with the Wii Fii. Shout out to Sarah H and Marcela for informing me that, in fact, I CAN type and eat at the same time. :)

  8. Phew! I am finally caught up on all your posts! Your daily posting ratio puts my weekly (sometimes) efforts to shame!

    Yay for the weight loss (although I will confess that pounds always confuse me so don't really know how much that is!).

    I have lost a whole stack of weight in the last few months - definitely through trying. I got sick of not fitting into my favourite clothes.

    I swim regularly (3 times a week) and I try to eat really well. It helps that I have quite a few food intolerances which means a lot of naughty things are off limits because they give me tummy aches.

    HOWEVER, Christmas/Summer (as it is here in Australia) always mean a backwards slide for me. Too much yummy party food (and too many tummy aches too, but I have too much fun to let them worry me!).

    I can see that come Feb/March I will have to get my act into gear and make by blog posts daily so I can lose all the extra weight I will have gained by then!

  9. Hee, hee. You are my funniest blogger! I am cracking up. I heard a rumor that we are getting Wii fit for chanukah and I cannot wait! Right now, I am a pro at bowling but I don't think I've lost an ounce doing that! I will get D to program it so we can compete against you guys. That will be fun!!!


  10. I'm not doing anything lately. I'm so far off the wagon, I think it would run over me but it can't get over my fat a$$. UGH. I look back at pics from 2 years ago and wish I had that body, but not that NICU stress.

  11. I'd liek to be doing something, but I don't actually like exercising. Actually, it's sweating I don't like. Anyway, I have a gazelle in my house--why does the internet make you tell people embarassing stuff like that?--and I try to do some time on it. For me, the only way I'll lose weight is if I keep a food diary.

  12. OMG I want the Wii Fit so bad, but its just not in the budget these days!! I wish I could say I lose weight with blogging but I don't. One would think with all the carrying and lifting I do with Daniel and his 35 lbs that I'd be strong. I keep losing and gaining the same 15 lbs back but no not over years but over a couple months. January its down, up in March, down in May and so on....I'm not waiting until the new year......gotta start sometime!! I'll be someones diet buddy if they're looking for one!!!


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