Friday, April 29, 2022

The Disability Blogger Weekend Link-up is waiting for you

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Like this: A mind of their own: The intellectual ability of people with intellectual disability

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  1. I am going incognito because my Google Account *will not play* and it seems to be the most accessible when it comes to the pull-down menus and scrolling boxes. [and has not "played" for some time].

    Posts 4-6 are from the Autism Blogs Directory.

    When I read Clay Jones's blog in SCIENCE-BASED MEDICINE I learnt a lot about adenovirus and how it interacts with various parts of the body in children, including the liver.

    I had not read Georgia Vine [Not so terrible palsy] since November when she qualified to be an occupational therapist. She now has a non-traditional role in Huddersfield and she is publishing a book with Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

    Grace Dow, meanwhile, has been writing about Finding Community [through everything from Tae Kwon Do to international readers of her blog]. And how she is Rethinking Success.

    Seems that the Los Angeles dream is a nightmare for some - Pitney exposes it through his link to an article.

    Meanwhile in Philadelphia and beyond - Beals reshares a post she had made in 2013/14 about special education in the United States and the twenty-some reasons/observations she made about how special education is declining.

    Beals had a really big week this week challenging her public television station on YouTube.

    As for the others:

    the WonderBaby site is great especially when it informs on the senses and general development in the 21st century.

    And heroes; heaven and hell! They do play a part in all of our lives especially T's.

    Adelaide Dupont


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