Friday, July 9, 2021

The Disability Blogger Weekend Link-up took a break but now it's back!

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I hope you had a good fortnight. With a big holiday and a long weekend. And camp.

    When I read Dani Alexis [science fiction author Verity Reynolds]'s Quora response to a young man being bullied by his elder sister and her agemates, I went and thanked them [you can do this on Quora through the "Thank" command on the menu]. Then I went to the author's blog and found the much-expanded response on the blog.

    They make the important point: *Punishments change the COSTS of behaviour - they do not change the behaviour itself*. And another important point about what values we put on behaviour.

    Grace Dow writes about crowd-sourcing the resources for her wheelchair and being 21 years in the USA. She also had some good posts about employment and about Independence Day.

    Also there is an article about the new sport frame-running which is done with running frames anywhere fun runs and school sports can be - at least in the cities and suburbs of the east coast of Australia. We have three very different frame-runners who tell their stories about coming to the sport and the things they can do.

    The other article is by Konrad Marshall - one of the friends mentions their brother Mark.

  2. Link 118 should be POLYJUICE FRAPPE - you can see how the error came in - Mr Linky does not handle accents well. [this will be a good cook/make for the Harry Potter fans and others who enjoy a good frappe/frappucino - have lost several decent posts that way because of insisting on putting the accents].

    The blog is Our Crazy Adventures in Autismland. It is a homelearning blog.


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