Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Life is better at camp

Few things make a parent happier than knowing that your child is having a good old time at camp. This year should have been the summer to make up for the lack of camp in 2020 (I feel like the universe  owes all of us, right?!) but I was just a little dubious given Max's infatuation with Los Angeles. The smaller challenge: he thought the camp food isn't great (read: they don't offer steak or sushi). Still, in recent years he's had the time of his life there.

Max got an L.A. fix courtesy of Dave before he went off to camp. And yes, I felt good about Covid safety because he's vaccinated, every single person at camp got tested before they arrived and there will be more testing. Within a day of Max's arrival, we had glorious proof that he was ecstatic: Facebook photos and videos of Max gleefully dancing up a storm. Dave watched the videos again and again. "Wow, he is booogeying!" he said in awe.

It's been said that some of the best learning happens outside the classroom. That couldn't be more true for camp. Besides perfecting his dance moves, Max gets to try new activities, socialize with peers in a way that he doesn't otherwise, regularly practice swimming and flex his independence.

He can practice flirting, too (here he is on a boat, sandwiched between two cute girls)

Therapies at camp are of the spontaneous kind—look at him throwing his hands in the air! His school PT would be impressed. 

I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the camp staffers who made camp happen, no mean feat. I am forever indebted to the director of the program, Orlee, who accepted Max into camp when no other camp would and didn't think twice about the fact that he needed a hand with self-care. I am overjoyed to see this guy living his best summer life. What we'll do with all the money we are saving on sushi, steak and flights to L.A., I'm not yet sure.

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  1. Thanks for another uplifting post. He looks like he is indeed living his best life with these wonderful photos - even without the steak and sushi! That is indeed one very special camp and amazing staff and leaders. Enjoy Max!


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