Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Yet another dubious milestone. Yay?

Here's my boy, seen through our upstairs window, about to take a walk. I was headed into the shower and banged on the window to say hello. In return, I got his new favorite gesture. To anyone else, it may look like he is flashing a sideways peace sign. But, nope. Max was giving me the finger, yet another dubious milestone in his life.

It started when Max and I were having a standoff in the kitchen about something. He held out two fingers at me and stormed into another room. Hoooooooooo, boy. It was just a year ago that we'd "celebrated" the ock you milestone

Max knew exactly what he was doing. In fact, so did Ben. 

"Max can't hold up his middle finger so he holds up two," Ben explained, matter-of-factly. 

OK, then.  

Being rebellious is part of a young adult's job description. Max doesn't have as many ways to bust out as his peers do—he's not going to be staying out too late with friends, sneak-ordering stuff on my Amazon account or driving the car when he shouldn't. Still, he's doing pretty well:

Max: "NO!!! I AM NOT GOING TO SLEEP AT 10! AT 12!"
Max: "I want to walk to the fire station ALONE!"
Max: "Dinner is DISGUSTING! I'm not eating it!"

How typical is that?!

But Max is a sweetie at heart, and even when he's irascible, it doesn't last long and he does not hold a grudge. Sometimes when he gives me the fingers, he has this giant grin on his face. 

Of course, I have told him it is not OK. Of course, he does it anyway.

Denial and grace are my best defense. I sweetly flash the peace sign at him and say "Peace to you, too!" 


  1. So cool! I like how he shows his rebellion in his own ways.

  2. OMG Ellen, you have no idea how your stories like this always make my day! I am following your blog for many years and you have quite the talent for writing! I can also relate in many ways to what you are saying since my kids are also 18 and 16 like yours (girl and boy though). Even if more or less typical, we all have our struggles and challenges. Your way of turning everything into a positive or take some humor out of it is amazing. Thank you for this blog and all the best to your wonderful family. Max is such an inspiration with his perseverance and brightness. Take care and keep on being awesome! Much love from Canada :)

  3. Oh goodness, god bless you! I thought it was the peace sign at first too, patience is all you need with kids that age.

  4. Grace indeed! I’m not sure if I would’ve been as gracious. Haha. It is hilarious though, if not trying, how kids pick these things up and know how to apply them to maximum effect. Hang in there and hope Max enjoyed his walk! :-)

  5. I love that Ben felt the need to clarify for you. LOL LOL


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