Friday, April 9, 2021

The Disability Blogger Weekend Link-up: Come on in!

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  1. At Realm of caring Elizabeth and Sophie were at a really cool concert on the 7th April. And it was the anniversary of Charlotte's death. Charlotte of Charlotte's Web.

    Yes those kids is about the kids and adults who are in Restless Hands' life.

    Wirecutter is a NY Times magazine supplement about the world of technology. Greenburg points out the difference between passive and active noise cancellers which might be needed at different times and different stages.

    I had not visited the Little Lobbyists in a while. The Journey with Jeneva is always a good one with which to start. The other post is about Home and Community Services.

    Emilia from My Inner Mish Mash had a good Question of the Day about riding as her recreation. She has not done it for a while due to the COVID-19 and other reasons; though it is still important to her.

    Tim Wagter is an English filmmaker and musician [his studies were at Chichester College; West Sussex]. During the COVID-19 he played CATS in a memorable way. He did a trilogy of HOODWINKED [which I have not seen yet]. He has just made a new album called INSPIRATION FROM THE HEART.

    I will say I read his mother's book from a link on Quora. At least the part which is publicly on Amazon.

    I will say, too, that I loved the followthrough on the sunflower from T: a real renewal of Spring. I do know the book WHEN SOPHIE GETS REALLY REALLY ANGRY.

    But then I could send you the colourful pies from Loko Kitchen which Gretchen Rubin called attention to on the Happiness Project. If anyone is into baking or patterns...



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