Monday, June 29, 2020

Sometimes, things have a way of working out: Max goes to virtual camp

We signed Max up for a local virtual afternoon camp, run by a team that offers a program to youth with disabilities throughout the year. I wasn't sure how it would go—I was going to be working, our sitter would be mainly watching Ben, there were crafts involved and Max typically needs a helping hand. I also wasn't sure how engaged he'd be. He'd done incredibly well with virtual schooling; his teacher is animated and funny and knew just how to keep Max involved, but this was an unknown. I discussed Max with the program manager and said that we'd see how things go.

Max got started on Monday at 2:00. The location: our front porch. Campers ages 4 to 24 were split up into virtual cabins; he'd gotten a package with craft materials and snacks. There were 20-minute activity blocks, snack times and camp-wide activities, too. He seemed really into it and did fine doing the paper plate drawing, and when I checked in on him, there was a counselor and number of other teens on screen and he was cracking up.

"I like camp!" Max announced after it was done.


The highlight of the week for Max was movie trivia. A counselor would show a series of symbols, and the group would have to guess the movie. I walked over toward the end of the game.

"Max must watch a lot of movies, because he's gotten almost every one right!" one of the counselors said.

Screen time for the win?! I'll take it!

As I watched, a princess, a castle and snow cropped up.

"ROZEN!" Max yelled, triumphantly. ("F" is not yet in his repertoire of sounds).

"Yes, Max, Frozen!" a counselor said.

Max beamed. I beamed.

As moms of children with disabilities everywhere know so well: You. Just. Never. Know.

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