Friday, February 14, 2020

The Disability Blogger Weekend Link-up: Long weekend edition

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  1. Tell me, is the law suit about Anna Stubblefield and DJ?

    Because it does seem "sexual experimentation" was part of her motive...

    (And a Lot of people say a communicative DJ was revealed not to be ID even though DD he may still be #gatekeepingmotive )


    I am thinking of putting up a Natural Disasters article and Clem Bastow's review and interview with Josh Thomas about the comedy EVERYTHING'S GONNA BE OKAY.

    IF I were to pull out a quote it would be Homas's words about Autistic people being vulnerable; expressive; easy to read.

    Also I learnt that another of my comedy heroes has dyslexia and did his university years on Ritalin. this hero is Greig Pickhaver who does the radio programme Roy and HG.

    This week too Stephanie Dalziel did a big Freedom of Information expose on post code discrimination. (ZIp code for the AMericans)?


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