Tuesday, January 28, 2020

This is fifteen

Fifteen is loving sports and selfies and and so many friends and cuddly clothes and camp and sushi and anything fun. And did I mention shopping?

Fifteen is the girl whom all the other moms—and I do mean all—regularly call "so nice."

Fifteen is never coming out of your room at night except to shower at 11:40 p.m.

Fifteen is never waking up in the morning, no matter how loud the music blasts from your Echo, even that week when we blasted Barry Manilow.

Fifteen is being a great big and little sister.

Fifteen is appreciating good books, good shows and good trips. And did I mention shopping?

Fifteen is being a better baker than your mom is.

Fifteen is really being into volunteering at the program Max has attended for years and the Saturday morning service for adults with disabilities.

Fifteen is having a natural hair color that people pay good money for.

Fifteen means knowing just how to use heat styling tools and even remembering to turn them off.

Fifteen is being embarrassed when your mom compliments you in front of other people or does something awful in public like talk, laugh, breathe or exist.

Fifteen is acing tests and school reports.

Fifteen is having impressive game skillz.

Fifteen is teaching your little bro your dance moves.

Fifteen is knowing everything, but that's definitely incorrect, because I am the one who knows everything.

Fifteen is making baskets like this. Just, whoa. How did you even DO that?

Fifteen is also being amazing at lacrosse and cross-country and whatever sport you try.

Fifteen is pulling off anything you're determined to do.

Fifteen is being a favorite babysitter of kids in our neighborhood.

Fifteen is not agreeing. Then again, "No!" was your favorite word when you were 2.

Fifteen is still being a Daddy's girl.

Fifteen is not being able to see the floor of your room because of all the clothes lying there, but also knowing exactly how to organize it.


Fifteen is forever being "Mena" to Ben.

Fifteen is forever being our girl.

We love you, darling girl. Happy fifteenth birthday! May it be the most amazing year.

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