Monday, September 16, 2019

I've got you, bro

When Max got home from school on Friday, Ben decided to help him take off his foot braces and Max was happy to let him. It was the first time Ben had offered. Melt. I flashed back to when Max had serial casting done eight years ago and Sabrina took off the final cast, and all the warm-fuzzies that had given me.

Years ago, when we were deciding on having a third child and I wrote about it here, I'd mentioned that would mean another sibling who could be there for Max—not the only reason to have a third kid, of course, but one of them. It got some negative comments, mainly how unfair it would be to this child. Well, I can now affirmatively call b.s. Max and Ben have a relationship like many siblings: they tease, fight and love each other fiercely. And when Max sometimes needs a hand, Ben gives it to him; it's become second nature.

Max, in turn, is growing up with the confidence that he can take care of someone, too. He's there to caution Ben when he's about to jump off the sofa. He unlocks our front for him. He has helped teach Ben to ride a bike and has also given him rides in a bike trailer. Sometimes, he lovingly looks at him says "Benjamin!" for no reason at all or just leans over to kiss his head. Melt.

Last night, while we were out having sushi, Max borrowed Dave's phone and googled a tote bag imprinted with "Los Angeles, California." Max is obsessed with any LA, CA merch these days, because he is hell bent on moving there. Max kept pointing to the tote, saying our city and then something neither Dave nor I could understand.

Max dug in and refused to spell out the word on his Apple watch (which he uses to communicate when his iPad isn't around). Instead, he kept repeating it and repeating it and got increasingly frustrated with us. Ben had been watching something on my phone and he finally glanced up and said "Max is saying 'park.'" AHHHHH. Max was telling us that he'd use the tote bag for trips to the park, and only Ben understood him.


Before we headed home, we stopped by the park. Ben zoomed around the jungle gym then settled onto a swing. He hasn't yet gotten the hang of pumping his leg. But guess who was right there to push him?

You bet.

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