Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Don't get in his way

This video of Max making a mad dash for home base was sent to me yesterday by his camp program director. There was so much to love:

• Max, showing his usual determination to reach a goal
• Man, he just keeps getting faster!
• He stayed right on course.
• All that cheering and the love he got when he arrived at home base

I kept watching it again and again, especially since I needed some cheering up. A new sitter of ours had basically told us yesterday that she had concerns about fully taking care of Max, who is away at camp for another couple of weeks. It shook me to my core. She'd seemed to be perfectly cool with helping Max when we hired her...or we wouldn't have hired her. She's been great with Ben so far; we'll see how it goes when Max is back.

I was reminded, yet again, that not everyone is comfortable around people with disabilities. And I was reminded as I watched the video just how much Max is like other boys age. For sure, he needs a helping hand in ways that many of his peers don't. And yet there he was, on screen, running with fierceness and savoring a win and being his amazing self and living and living his best life. And that's when I decided: It will be her loss if she doesn't get to know him.


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  1. Ellen this is a timely one for me too! Just hired summer help (via Care.com) and had to run through all of those CP comfort zones with candidates. I've tried to do most of it through the site, so I don't have to deal directly with people saying no to my face but it's still surprising how many folks will just shut down after the mention of CP. You're so right. Loss is on their side for sure. Also, go Max go!


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