Friday, April 19, 2019

The Disability Blogger Weekend Link-up

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  1. Last weekend I spoke at the Happy Mama retreat; a getaway for moms raising kids with invisible disabilities. Inspired by the conversation that happened during my presentation, I wrote this post about what you risk if you don’t tell your therapist about your challenges related to raising a child with disabilities.

    1. Greatly appreciated, Dr Reif!

      It has to come out somewhere in something.

  2. Just discovered this site. Thanks for the opportunity to share! I usually speak into the space of grief and loss and finding joy in it all. After many conversations with other special needs families and our struggle to find toys our children enjoy and can play with, I decided to document our top 10 favorites.

    1. Bekah,

      good to know that your kids have 10 favourites you can rotate through.

      Like 10 words or 10 foods ...

      And - yes - the space of grief and loss and joy.

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