Thursday, April 25, 2019

The Disability Blogger Weekend Link-up: Spring Break edition

It's Spring Break, so I'm starting the link-up a day early—hope your family is enjoying yours! Or at least staying sane!

What to do if you're new  

This is a place to share a recent favorite post you've written or read. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of this post. Where it says "Your name" put the name of the blog followed by the title of the post you want to share (or just the name of the post, if there's no room—you get 80 characters).

Like this: The most amazing words I ever heard at an IEP

Where it says "Your URL" put the direct link to the post.

Click "Enter." Leave a comment if you want to say more. Go check out some great posts.


  1. The Early Musings post is one I found from Cerebra [a British charity which concerns brain injuries].

    Emma writes about her 18-year-old son Joshua and the systems and professionals which are supposed to keep them up.

    Joshua had a stroke at 4 days old.

    Ellen and family: I hope you are having a wonderful time in London and the rest of the UK.

  2. Spring Break?? Ours was back in March. We're heading into the home stretch of the school year, with our last one graduating high school in less than a month! Enjoy the time away!

  3. We're going into Autumn as we're in South Africa. I'm missing summer already! Enjoy!!

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