Thursday, March 28, 2019

Hey, parents, let's play Would You Rather

Max's speech therapist at school likes to play Would You Rather with him, to practice conversation and reasoning. She shared some questions for us to enjoy at home: Would you rather travel around the world in a hot air balloon or in a sailboat? Would you rather have to always eat off dirty dishes or always wear filthy clothes? Would you rather your picture be on the one dollar bill or on every magazine and newspaper once? Max loves it.

Here's a little game for us parents to play!

Would you rather stay on eternal hold with the insurance company or would you rather wait online at the DMV?

Would you rather watch Frozen/Thomas and Friends/[insert your child's movie or TV addiction here] for the bazillionth time or would you rather listen to nails on a chalkboard?

Would you rather try explain to a relative, yet again, that your child won't "grow out of it" or that you're not "spoiling him" or would you rather hide in the kitchen because you're "busy cooking" and generally try to avoid them as much as possible at family gatherings?

Would you rather attend an IEP meeting or would you rather get a root canal?

Would you rather let your child eat mac 'n cheese for every meal or would you rather...let your child eat mac 'n cheese for every meal?

Would you rather get an annual salary for all that you do as a mom (an estimated $828 836!) or would you rather win the Nobel Peace Prize?

Would you rather fill out yet another form and more paperwork or would you rather try on swimsuits?

Would you rather deal with a Pity Stare from a stranger or would you rather deal with a "God only gives you what you can handle" or "God only gives special children to special people" comment?

Would you rather attempt to logically explain to the insurance company why your child needs speech therapy/physical therapy/occupational therapy/ABA therapy/orthotics/a walker/an electric wheelchair/SURGERY, or would you rather plead and wail and be on the verge of TOTALLY LOSING IT ON THE PHONE WITH THE REP BECAUSE WHY DO THEY JUST DO NOT GET IT OR CARE?!!

Would you rather pay $1,149.95 (actual price!) for a fiber optic curtain that has a calming effect on children with sensory needs or would you rather pay your mortgage?

Would you rather try to get your child to brush his teeth or would you rather deal with it tomorrow because for sure you will be able to get him to do it then?

Would you rather let your child watch his iPad in a restaurant for the entire meal and deal with the judgment from people at other tables or would you rather he get all riled up? 


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